'Notes' tab next to 'Feed' and 'Manage' tab, or similar.

I’ve been noticing this need for a while, a few good months actually, so I thought I’d drop it as a suggestion. I’m sorry if this has been discussed before, but I honestly couldn’t see a ‘search’ function for existing threads.

I’d like to see a ‘notes’ or ‘comments’ tab (or something to that effect) next to the existing ‘feed’ and ‘manage’ tabs. The purpose being that I’d like to leave specific notes to myself of why that money is in that pot (kind of how you can add notes to a transaction you’ve made).

An example would be my Subscriptions pot. Every month I put X amount in that pot for those, and I’ve calculated it, so say for the sake of argument it’s £50, I drop that amount in there but I want to be able to check and remind myself what’s it for. Say £10 for Netflix, £10 for Adobe, £10 for Disney, £7 for Prime, £10 for Spotify, £10 for Patreon, that sort of thing.
This amount can vary substantially as I cancel, sign-up, and re-sub to different things, so I’d like to be ablt to just ype in my list of subs and their respective amounts into it.

Another example would be my car maintenance costs and upgrades that I’m saving for, say if the pot has £550 on it, I can check my comments tab to remind me how I want to allocate that money:
£300 New alternator
£200 Fix rust
£50 New power steering belt

And so on, because that way I can keep it all together in the app instead of having to remember or keeping a separate list on a note app or my laptop.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

Something similar has been mentioned before, as I recall solutions be to add info to title of account.

Not easy when divided greatly, like yours.

Edit: This seems the most voted on.

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+1 I think that would be a nice feature. I voted on this thread and the other one too