Monzo’s transaction categorisation is excellent, and really powerful. However, it would be helpful for Monzo to supply the “raw” MCC code - even though it’s sometimes inaccurate, the extra precision can be helpful. Could this be supplied through the API?


Any thoughts from anyone at :monzo: ? @simon perhaps? I appreciate the API isn’t a “core” product, but it’s super-useful, and I assume adding MCC to it wouldn’t be a monumental amount of work…

Could always be added to the bottom on the transaction screen where the aditional info sits anyway.

For the initiated could you explain a bit about MCC codes, or share a link at all? Thanks :slight_smile:

MCC stands for Merchant Category Code - for example I recently bought a bus ticket on my Starling card and their API reported MCC 4131 (bus lines, according to the Mastercard reference). I think this would be useful to allow for more precise categorisation.


I was just about to suggest adding the MCC code myself (especially after the launch of the gambling blocking). I’d really like the API/feed to contain all the information Monzo received about a transaction (MCC, merchant id, possibly even terminal id etc) as then it could be used to generate some interesting data and tools - and, depending on how the API evolves, could allow ‘batch access’ (i.e. you want vague details of transactions - here’s 2,000 Monzo customer’s spend % over all the MCCs in 3 months) for nice infographics etc.