Current account debit card exchange rates

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One of the best features of Monzo is clearly the usability and amazing exchange rates. What will happen to these epic exchange rates when we roll onto current accounts with debit cards?

Apologies if this is a repeat question.

Winding down of prepay card
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I struggled to find the answer to this too but here it is -

I assume @Naji was referring to conversion fees in general, not just the fee that MasterCard charges Monzo here.

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How about the fees when using the card abroad? Will you introduce them when using Debit card?

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I believe those fees are from the bank itself and as :monzo: is not charging fees at the moment they will stick to it, hopefully :slight_smile:


Monzo’s principles and philosophy will not change when they move from prepay cards to a current account. They are seeking to generate revenue from overdraft provision and not from foreign card usage

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