Marketplace: Raisin partners with Starling

It seems like Starling have taken a big and significant step in launching an integrated ‘savings’ marketplace by partnering with Raisin, who are also attempting to establish themselves as a one stop shop for all savings products in the UK.

I imagine this is similar to what Monzo are aiming for but this approach seems more simple and user friendly to compare and sign up to products across one platform rather than multiple institutions.


So much money will be invested by their 20k customers :joy_cat:


Might provide more bank options, but none of the savings accounts available through Rasin have a minimum deposit less than £1k, so will get similar criticism to the initial Monzo offering, and none are Easy Access - so will get extra criticism.

Of course, over the long term seems like an interesting proposition.


Do you think this is who Monzo- are teaming with?

I don’t think so. From what Monzo have said it seems like they are going to have a direct relationship with a bank, rather than plug into an existing marketplace like Raisin.

I’m also assuming the initial savings account offered via Monzo will be an Easy Access account (something Raisin UK does not currently offer). However I must admit I’m not sure why I have this assumption.

I think Raisin’s mission statement is aligned to what Monzo what their marketplace to look at, simplicity via one login. Although as Raisin will force all existing and new customers to create a Starling account I don’t see Monzo accepting those terms at all.

We aim to provide UK savers with highly competitive savings products, guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) or its European equivalent. Our one single login enables customers to view, purchase and manage savings products from a range of partner banks in one place.