Monzo Marketplace- A place to Offer Account Rewards

(Tim Banting) #1

I have a Nationwide account (plenty of other banks offer this too!) that offers global travel insurance, breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance.

I was wondering, if Monzo could offer this through partnerships in their marketplace integrations for a similar cost- would this help you switch?

Could Monzo use their growing customer base to negotiate decent deals with breakdown companies etc?

(Dave) #2

Sounds like I have the same account that you do, and I think it is good value for money. Yes, it would encourage me to switch if Monzo could offer this at a similar cost.

(Tim Banting) #3

I also have Monzo and Starling! :wink:

I’m a bit of an account tart. Nationwide offers me interest, easy payment of cheques, account rewards (insurance, breakdown cover etc.)

Monzo and Starling- excellent real-time reporting of transactions, brilliant mobile phone apps, great when travelling internationally.

The bank that can offer me the best of all of these wins!

(Dan) #4

Revolut does something like this for Travel Insurance too

(Mark Payne) #5

I agree - this is a definite must. I get rewards through my NatWest account which I convert to cash regularly - a few hundred £’s so far.

This is the last hurdle for me to switch 100% to Monzo - especially now that cheque deposits, joint accounts and other key missing features will arrive soon :slight_smile: