Marcus Bank

Marcus now offer a Cash ISA

0.4% interest, no fees, open from £1


I’ll open one of these!

Happy cake day!

I don’t see the point in cash ISAs these days, such poor returns.


I guess it depends if you have a personal savings allowance or not if ISAs are worth it. Returns aren’t much worse than the easy access saver, but not having to pay tax on it could save you some money on your emergency fund, since is still easy access.

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No transfers in, though…

There are a few offering leading rates, but not accepting transfers in though :man_shrugging:

@j06 mentioning the Starling app logo update reminded me. It seems Marcus has a new look. Slight tweaks but I like it


Yep, looks to be a slight font change, and losing the light orange accenting. Looks nice.

Marcus have an app!

Apple version


Fab, I was wondering when they will get round to it. Off to test it out

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I might download it when that dismal interest rate climbs. I’ve not used my account got a while now! Just left a tiny token amount in to keep it open.

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Apparently a 4 year old could use it!

Nice and simple. I like these kind of app designs.

I do still find it amusing that I can update my home address on the app but to change my email I still need to call them up.


Only for iOS so far.

Google Play Store to follow, it seems.

There was an article announcing this. Think it was published whilst this was in read only mode so I forgot to share it.

iOS app was planned to launch in May with Android following in June. iOS app showed up a little late, so Android May too. I’ll try to find the article.


Found it.

British consumers will be able to access their Marcus accounts through an app on iOS devices this month and Android in June, McDaid said.

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Anyone getting performance issues on it?

Competition imminent?


Separate thread here JPMorgan / Chase UK Discussion - #154 by Monzosaurusrex



Better than nothing I suppose!

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