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One thing I’ve just noticed about the website when you “add it to home screen” on the iPhone, is that it doesn’t bring up an actual safari page - It almost loads it as a stand alone app.

The downside to this is you can’t refresh the page at all…

Has it always been this way?


It’s an optional thing web developers can declare. An iOS device sees this stuff in the source and acts accordingly.

Not sure which version of iOS brought this in, but it was years ago.


Interesting - I haven’t really used the “add to home screen” option much, but always thought it simply opened safari and a new web page (which, in this instance, I’d prefer).

(MikeF) #267

Interestingly, mine opens locally on iPad but uses Safari on iPhone

(Jonathon) #268

Odd. On my iPhone it’s as above, not via Safari.

How bizarre!


I think iOS decides what to do with the bookmark at the time you add it to homescreen rather than every time you open it – so maybe Marcus didn’t have this chunk of code in the head when you added it to your phone.

Might be wrong. Often am.

(Caspar) #270

I added it to my iPhone home screen but if you try to go into the Withdraw page, it jumps from it’s ‘app’ to Safari and you have to log in again, so I deleted the home screen shortcut and just go direct to to log in now.


I wondered if anyone has used Marcus and linked it to their Monzo. I suppose to me it looks like it would be a ‘pot’ that earned 1.5% interest (at least for the first year) and says it is easy to transfer between Marcus and the selected Current account.


Lots of discussion here.

(Dan Baker) #273

I have both, in Monzo it’s just like sending money to any account. And the mobile website pinned to the home screen works really well. Can definitely recommend if you’re looking for instant access savings accounts and don’t have a lot of funds to put it immediately.

Just a word of warning, changing the account attached is a pain. So pick one and stick with it!

(Jonathon) #274

That’s how I’m using it now. I transfer all of my bills money into my Marcus account, and then transfer each bill the day before it’s due. I’m at least earning a small amount of interest on my balance.

It’s what I had hoped a savings pot on Monzo would have been like, but sadly not.

(MikeF) #275

The biggest pain with that is that you (presumably) have to run the transfers manually since Marcus doesn’t have the means to set up transfers in advance. It assume that’s a deliberate choice on their part.


I guess you could use the monzo one that way but would have the transfer two days before each bill.

Another idea that Monzo could do is allow us to set a date and amount to move across from pot (If there isnt enough in the pot it alerts us)

(Jonathon) #277

Yes it’s manual but it’s not a pain really - just a quick log in on the days I need to. Pots is manual too - I didn’t really notice much difference in effort, personally.

(Jonathon) #278

But then I’d get less interest, and other than on weekends, Monzo don’t tell you when direct debits are coming out until the day before (I do realise they come out roughly the same each month but I’d rather have one day extra with hundreds of pounds in a savings account than not).


Though the difference between 1% interest and 1.35% interest is penies on hundreds of pounds of savings.

I would sacraficie that 0.35% if Monzo were able to figure out a way for instant transfer from saving pot to main account - would you agree?

(Jonathon) #280

1.5% for now.

And good for you - I’m not about to throw even pennies away. It’s so incredibly quick to do that I have done it before I even get out of the drive in a morning. Doing that a few times a month isn’t going to kill me, and I get those extra pennies.

Also: I do also have my savings in there. So it’s not JUST my bills and the balance doesn’t get to £0 by the end.

An added extra is that it also means any time a bill is less than I thought I keep the remaining cash in the savings account.

I also have Coin Jar and transfer that monthly, plus my usual £300 a month savings.

It’s all adding up, and I don’t mind if I do a little extra work for it.


I can hear my Scottish relatives getting their cliche ready!

(Grant MacGregor) #282

Just signed up. Does the bank have an app?


No just website which is all you really need tbh it’s pretty basic