Making my joint account the main account

Just to add my name to the list of people waiting for a fully seamless joint account experience:

I understand (I think) why we need to keep our personal accounts to hold a joint account. But it would be great if there was a way to make the joint account the primary one. Or at least be able to ‘hide’ the redundant personal one.

Current scenario: Monzo mates paying me back for meals, or footy subs, they see my personal account in their payee list but not our joint account. Money goes into personal, then I have to transfer it. Income is marked on our budgeting as a personal transfer rather than external.

Shout out to all the others trying to properly #FullMonzo with a joint account. :raised_hands:t2:

I think stuff like Bill Splits, money requests and Shared Tab payments sent from your joint account should definitely be paid back into your joint account. You can vote for this feature here:


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Big up vote for this! I really hope Monzo do something about the growing number of joint account holders that feel left behind the pace of the current feature set available to single accounts.