Making Monzo: Plan ahead better with flexible budgeting tools

(Anthony Coleman) #122

It’s been mentioned several times here but can we please get more frequency options (weekly, fortnightly, etc) for summary as for many the summary feature is somewhat useless. It’s been a while since the last rollout and I’m getting the impression that Monzo just don’t care about this. :frowning:

(Adam) #123


This came out and was a good first wave of change, then the crowdfunding happened and it’s all gone very quiet…

(Nathan) #124

My honest impression of all this is they’ve bit off more than they can chew on this one. Summary is a large section of functionality within the app.

The last change now allows me to select a correct payday but without sounding like a broken record I cannot use summary in its current form because of the category limitations.

Just out of curiosity… what do we all think is missing from Summary apart from more advanced payday setting?

(Richard) #125

More Categories.

More categories to provide more scope of my spending habits.

The ability to exclude budgets from the Left to Spend

I set myself a budget of £500 per month to go on groceries. To me that £500 should be accounted for and removed from my Left to Spend as it shouldn’t be spent on anything else. It’s the main reason I utilise Pots to be honest.

Also I think the graph on there is a waste. I don’t understand how it calculates that I am going to run out of money each month.

(Ben) #126

I personally think until all aspects of budgeting within Monzo are a complete solution - Summary won’t be very useful to me… That includes, for me:

  • More categories, and sub categories
  • Custom categories (Broken record here but my own method of budgeting is more important than Monzo’s ability to tell me I spend more on average on Uber than the typical 25-34 year old).
  • Zero Sum budgeting - rather than setting budget targets (that have no consequence if they are missed).

Right now, Because of point 1+2, I don’t use categories, and therefore the rest is irrelevant to my needs and use case.

(Adam) #127

Another Android beta update and another week goes by with no additional changes to this aspect.

This is getting to the point where I’m assuming it’s way down the list now.

(Rob) #128

Yes pulse definitely needs work, would be more useful if it showed upcoming bill and salary payment. I sketched a basic mock up below of how it could show upcoming direct debits and standing orders, dates and amounts could even be added or show up if you make it interactive.

(Splodf) #129

@Jami @Naji

Not sure which is now responsible for this area but is there any advance on the budget flexibility for dates?

To be frank the options still don’t meet peoples needs who, say for instance, get paid on the last Friday of the month. When is this feature going to be iterated on? It is literally useless to me and others in its current form, yet is something I’d really wish you’d address.

(Jack Carey) #130

What’s the ETA on this? I’m using a spreadsheet to track this atm but it would be great to put it in the app (and API)!