Making Monzo: Pay anyone by text or email


I keep a pot aside for her emergencies :slight_smile:


Do you need to have contacts turned on for this?

(Stephen Early) #24

Oh, so it’s a bit like a cheque (in that the destination account is chosen by the payee rather than the payer) but it’s only valid for 7 days rather than 6 months?

(Kieren) #25

I like the concept of it but I would personally have favoured PayM over this… if you are sending to people who aren’t familiar with Monzo (like I wasn’t with Mondo when I was referred years ago) they could get worried it’s a scam/spam and therefore you end up with an discussion around the transaction that is longer.

I would like to think that Monzo is well known enough to be trusted, but you may be surprised.

I like the original, out of the box thinking - but when I asked my sister to pay her dues to me via she got all afluster and ended up sending it to my legacy bank as it was easier for her

(Brandon Billingham) #26

I agree, this is a nice concept but I’d still like PayM support.


PayM support should be looked at, as more people are aware and is more widely supported


Surely this would be more widely supported than PayM, not less? To have PayM you need an account number and sort code which is all this seems to need, but to use PayM the receiver needs to have explicitly opted in, whereas to use this the receiver merely needs to have a bank account. Also, since the marketing push when it was first launched I don’t see many prompts to opt in to PayM, or marketing for it.

(Sacha Zarb) #29

This looks great!

And is PayM actually that widely used?

(conrad) #30

@BethS Wouldn’t happen to know if any iMessage integration is planned would you? Was pondering it recently, but would be perfect with this new ‘pay anyone with a link’ feature.
Could open up an iMessage chat, tap the Monzo icon, select the amount, authorise with Touch/Face ID and send!

Could also add further integration to request money and send golden tickets with minimal effort within iMessage too.


No idea :see_no_evil: sorry!

(conrad) #32

No worries! We shall see what happens :smile:


I wouldn’t want time wasted on payM.

The friction of having to find out what it is and then go and opt in to it has meant I’ve never done so, and know no-one else who has either.

This is much better imo as you don’t have to do anything additional.


This looks great just have one question. If I send the link to the wrong person what happens? Can I approve the payment or reject it?



I’d love to see an iMessage app!!

(Dave) #36

As much as I would like to see PayM, there is an advantage for Monzo (and maybe indirectly the customers) to do things in this way because it allows Monzo to promote itself to those receiving the payments. That’s the case with already, so why not do it the other way around too?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #37

Doesn’t the recipient need to enter ALL their bank details? Every time?!

I may be missing something, but although I’m very intrigued to see if Monzo have managed to invent something truly groundbreaking, I can’t see how this is an improvement on me just sending money to someone’s bank account.

And as Paym is an improvement on that concept… Well, just call me intrigued.

Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

The recipient, not me… If they choose not to have a monzo account that is not my problem :wink:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #39

If I received some kind of link from a friend where, as a recipient, I needed to actively enter my bank details*, I’d text my bank details to my friend once and tell them to bloody well use those like a normal person.

(In fact, upon reflection, I’d tell them to use Paym because that is easier for everyone concerned)

*Hoping Monzo has actually invented something which is not this.


See, I would do the same if someone tried to make me sign up for paym…

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #41

Which is your choice (although you needn’t register for Paym to send money) but the point is sending money to bank details or Paym takes exactly the same effort.

Where Paym then beats the system of using bank details is that it makes no difference to the sender if the recipient changes banks. (Paym also confirms the recipient’s name to the sender, preventing fraud somewhat, but let’s not gloat.)

If Monzo have invented something which puts extra steps into the process, for the recipient, would be… weird.