Making Monzo: Pay anyone by text or email

(Alex Sherwood) #42

Almost no one uses Paym, I’m pretty sure that Monzo can do a better job.

We’ll be able to judge that when we’ve actually had a chance to try it of course.


Checking their website they say ‘More than 4 million’, which does feel pretty low.

I change my mobile number fairly frequently, in and out of the country, so its always felt like just another thing to keep track of. I like the idea, just not for me personally.

(Alex Sherwood) #44

Right & they shared their monthly active users, I’m willing to bet that Monzo has more.

More than 4 million people have registered their mobile number to receive payments via Paym. The service is available on more than nine out of 10 current accounts, with over £800m sent since the service launched in April 2014.

From their website.

£800m is a tiny amount, considering the availability with 9/10 current accounts.

Monzo users sent almost £44m to each other in 2017 alone & obviously Monzo’s userbase has grown considerably since then.

Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email
(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #45

We shall indeed see.



Wonder if it would be possible to attempt PayM if number known and opted in, with ‘Pay Anyone’ being the backup.

But yeah at least this doesn’t seem to need any sort of opt in from the recipient, bar asking for their 2 bit of bank info.

(Kunal Singhal) #47

@redshift I really like the idea about having Pay Anyone and PayM combined.

:thinking: What about Pay Anyone and the receiver has an option to pop in their phone number to claim it using PayM instead of bank transfer? The sender need not even know about existence of PayM.

(Michael) #48

Giving it a go - seems very slick

Quick observations:

  1. If I clear the line in my feed, how do I see it in app?

  2. Does not show in scheduled payments - I personally think it should

  3. Seems to be no way to cancel or change it before being claimed - clarifying that I did know this in advance, and it’s in next comment, but I believe that needs to be part of app abilities before launch

(Tom) #49

The ability to cancel a payment myself, in-app, feels like something that should be included by default


Yeah this would be ideal. If you’re sending them a text through Pay Anyone, it should attempt PayM, if they haven’t opted in it should go through the Pay Anyone flow. :grinning:

(Tom) #51

Same. I’ve said before that I personally don’t have much need for this kind of service (or PayM). They both kinda feel like something that would be useful in the US, where their banking seems to be prehistoric, but I’ve been bank-transferring my mates money for various things pretty much as long as I’ve had online-banking

(Adam) #52

Just been playing with it - seems like once they’ve put in their bank details it adds them to the recent payees list.

Means it leaves inputting bank details up to them rather than you. I quite like that about this system.

(Tom) #53

Oh really? Weird. I wonder if the recepient is informed that this will happen, feels a bit sneaky.


To be fair you’d see it on the transfer of money from you to them :man_shrugging:

I do quite like things like PayM and this. It makes transferring money less formal. Especially when all you want to do is pay back your mate for the McDonalds he bought you.

Would be interesting if Monzo could save the input the recipient fills in (account number and sort code) so they’d only have to fill it in once.

(Tom) #55

But in that case they’d have given me their details, to input at my end to make the transfer, so I’d expect that. But in this flow, at no point is the sender inputting the recipient’s bank details.

Monzo Labs: Pay anyone by text or email

Ah, yeah. I guess a ‘These details will be shared with the sender’ might be needed.

(Sam) #57

I really like that this changes the liability of getting the details correct from the Sender to the Receiver!


I just tried it. It’s pretty cool.

Will be interesting as a marketing tool too to encourage growth.

Some feedback:

  • better intergration with Payees and phone contacts. I was a bit confused why I was authorising a payment when I hadn’t even chosen who I was sending it to. Although I do appreciate the unanchored link it was a bit confusing/unexpected.

  • sending via text could be improved with a shorter url and a redirect. Long URLs with random strings always seem a bit unusual to me.
    An image with the amount, or the amount included in the message would be great too.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #59

Where are you all using it? TestFlight app?


It’s only on the Android beta at the moment I think. Not been pushed to Test flight yet(?). Monzo labs.

(Jai Sullivan) #61

I’m on the latest iOS TestFlight and can’t see it in Labs at the moment.