Making Monzo my only bank

I am toying with the idea of using Monzo as my only bank. I like the interactivity and ease of it. Is it a good idea to leave a high street bank?

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I did it. Didn’t do the bank switch, moved all my direct debits over manually and now monzo is my main bank. Old TSB card is away in a drawer. I mainly use the monzo joint account with my wife


It depends

If you need to deposit cash or cheques often then it might be better to keep one open

I don’t so my Monzo is my only bank account


I used the partial switch service when it was still an option and kept my HSBC account open but I haven’t used it once since I switched.

I had a few issues with direct debits when I first switched but the problems were related to companies not updating their systems so it didn’t recognise Monzo as a bank, this was quite a while ago and haven’t had any issues with anything since.

I personally have over 12 back ups all in daily use, i would suggest testing the waters with Monzo first to see if you would find it up to your requirements​:point_left::point_left::point_left::+1:

So you don’t see a down side but think it is best to do it manually rather than let Monzo do the switch?

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Did you use the switch facility?

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Yes I did

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Dont do it… you will regret it… at least keep other accounts open

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Thanks, that is v helpful :blush:


Have been using it for a year and love it but just feel it is a big step to use it as my only current account. Feedback here is good though so may do it


It’s not a bad idea. But it’s a good idea to have more than one bank account.

You might need to deposit a cheque, or cash. You might want to receive deposits from abroad. You might want to use a Visa card if MasterCard doesn’t work, or isn’t accepted.


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Nah don’t do it, at least for now. Keep a backup


What do you need your bank account for?

I switched from a high street bank to Monzo and Monzo is now my main bank, best thing I could’ve done! Other people here mentioned other banks for cheques and cash deposits, I also opened a Starling account for cash deposits (Starling doesn’t do cheques though, I believe) and to have a little back up money in case there is ever a problem with my Monzo card, but I use Monzo for everything

They do via the same method as Monzo. Other banks do it better than both Monzo and Starling.

I use Monzo as my every day current account and for pots for savings - but i do have a back up First Direct account and a Starling. (Plus a credit card)

I don’t carry them day to day but useful to bring an extra if I’m going away and something happens

Personally, I think it’s a good idea to have a back up account, whether it’s two high street banks, one high-street and one digital bank or two digital banks. Even high street banks have glitches and outages. Was is NatWest that went down a few years ago? I can’t remember the details. Maybe someone on here could remind me.

But I use Monzo as my main account and have done for over a year now. I have my first direct account as a back up, there’s nothing in it and no payments come out of it, but I still have an overdraft facility in an emergency.

I use Monzo as my main account and have done since the start of 2018. I’d highly recommend it. I switched before the CASS was in place so I just manually moved everything over. I still have my old account with NatWest for several reasons:

  1. In case someone still somehow has my old details and sends money there.
  2. CBA to go into a branch to close it, especially since my branch is never open when I am not in work.
  3. There’s no real negative to having it sitting there. If there was ever an issue like MasterCard went down, I could transfer money there and use my NatWest visa card. Same if I lost my Monzo card, I could use that one for purchases if I can’t use Android pay phone for some reason, while I wait for a replacement. I haven’t had to ever do either of these, but could if I needed to!

Cheques and cash paying in could also be helpful but I’ve never used it for this tbh… I just post my occasional cheques to Monzo and soon I can just send a pic. And I’ve never paid cash in, so if I did I’d just pay the fee and use paypoint, since it’s such a rare occurrence.

I never look at or use my NatWest account in any way since switching except for the couple of times a friend has accidentally sent money there. My NatWestcard sits in a drawer somewhere. Monzo isn’t perfect of course, that would be impossible, but it’s been very good for me so far and much better than NatWest.

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