Make it easy to pay personal account from business account

As a one person limited company the main person I pay (apart from HMRC) is myself. I imagine that’s quite a common demographic for the initial group of business account users. It would be very helpful to have an easy way to pay my personal monzo account. I had to go to my personal account, write the account numbers down and then write them into the payee section. This seems really silly given monzo already has all the information and especially annoying copying data around on a phone.

Can we have the personal account as a pre-made payee? The same problem exists with joint account -> personal accounts and vice versa.


I have this button to move money between my personal and joint account.

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I’m happy enough for it to be able to pick up the account details easily, but not to have any less friction in making an actual payment.

It may be your business, but it’s not your money in the business account. The money belongs to the business until you have a reason to pay it out, e.g. salary or dividend. For that reason I don’t want a “move money between your Monzo accounts” option to include the business account.

Edit: perhaps differs between sole traders and limited companies?


I have this button to move money between my personal and joint account.

I remember what tripped me up is that there is no similar option for setting up a scheduled payment from your account to joint account. That has to be copied across manually.

You can vote for Monzo-to-Monzo scheduled payments here:

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Yes, agree. Just want a payee already setup that perhaps is not editable and has extra info so I can be clear it’s the right one. Definitely don’t want the same feature that personal/joint has.

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I can think of scenarios where you might not automatically want your other Monzo accounts to be added as a payee. I don’t think it’s much hassle to add a payee for the first time in Monzo, and then just send to the payee.

That said, unless I’m missing something, you can’t just send money to a payee in Monzo. It requires you to enter the sort code and account number each time. That’s something that should definitely be improved (again, unless I’m missing something here).

When you send money to someone for the first time the payee is saved in the Payments tab. This means you can send money to the same payee again without having to enter their sort code or account number again.

NB: this is true for Monzo personal and joint accounts - not sure about Monzo business accounts.

I have a bunch of payees listed here but can’t seem to send a new payment to any of them automatically, clicking on their name doesn’t show any send options, and the “send via bank transfer” doesn’t list any, or auto-complete if I insert their name.

I’m really missing something here.

Try clicking on the bit showing the sort code and account number after clicking on the Payee you want to send money to?

I think it’s extra annoying because it’s all mobile and in one app. So you go to make a payment, put in the amount, realise you need the account numbers, have to cancel the payment screen, switch accounts, open another app or get a pen and paper, then go back and make the payment.

If it were two browser windows side by side it would be much much easier.