Link Loyalty cards to account

Would it be at all possible to somehow have a link with loyalty card providers so that when we pay with monzo we automatically get our nector/clubcard etc points added to our loyalty card programs saving us the need to have our loyalty cards on us all the time and saving us having to swipe and use multiple cards at check out


This was the idea of things like Apple and Android Pay - the phone would know that you paid at a Sainsbury’s terminal and how much you spent, and would have a Nector card added to your Android Pay wallet and so would just add the points automatically. Afaik it hasn’t been implemented and certainly not in the UK.


The closest in the UK to this is Tesco Pay+, though it’s a shop specific app.

I wonder if the likes of Tesco would go for a deeper integration with a bank like this. Given their own banking arm and with the likes of their clubcard credit card, would they realy want to pass out clubcard points like that?

In the US Walgreens has at least. Not sure why no one in the UK has at all. Tesco have made their Clubards contactless so presumably the readers are compatible here. There’s a little explanation and demo video at

Tesco are pushing their own Tesco Pay app, so presumably wouldn’t be too keen on sharing.

That still seems to rely on presenting the phone multiple times, once for the loyalty card, and again for the payment. Ideally it could be done once for both.

I’ve not used the new app, but the iOS version claims that you can pay and collect points in one scan.

It is implemented in the US for Apple Pay at a very few merchants. One of whom is Walgreens, which owns Boots… so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come to Boots one day.

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Have a look at Flux

There is a whole thread on this community about them, see below. Aiming towards in app receipts and also loyalty. Not many partners yet, but a nice clean integration and good premise.

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Tesco Pay+ does both. I’m talking about android pay where most till scanners can read from the phone screen.

It’s because of this that I don’t think Tesco will be keen to allow Android Pay to do both.

I’d agree with you. The whole point of a Tesco Clubcard, for Tesco, is to harvest great swathes of spending data from the user. It hooks certain shoppers into this by offering a small reward in points, arguably harder to redeem than a simple discount. But for those shoppers who don’t sign up, it harvests their spending data anyway using their unique bank card number. The benefit to Tesco for using this is that it gets the data without having to give out the points. Therefore, I reckon it won’t make any changes to shoppers getting points just on their Monzo/bank card when it really doesn’t have to. I imagine Tesco’s position will remain; if you want the points, use the Clubcard.