Lost Card, Access to cash

So i lost my card last Friday on a trip to London, i use Monzo as my main current account and have no other bank accounts. Luckily i was with my partner and i could transfer money to her account and then freeze my card. Problem is if i was travelling alone i would have no way of accessing money and would of had to of spent the weekend with no money. Is there a way of looking into being able to access cash if a card is lost?

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Right now, no.

You should always have a second bank account just in case your first one is ever frozen or closed by the bank - or you lose your card with an App only bank.

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IMO, you should always have a second bank account, no matter who your main account is with. Preferably choose one that allows you to carry one Visa card and one Mastercard card, in case there is ever a time when one is down (which happened recently).

It can also help with saving, there are many current accounts that offer better interest than a savings account on the first £1000 or so of the balance.

http://bankaccountsavings.co.uk is a good place to look for that sort of information.

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Could always use Android Pay or Apple Pay when / if it ever arrives.


Monzo currently disable Android Pay access whenever card is reported lost and can’t use be used until new card has been received and added to Android Pay again.

Ahh ok that’s a shame, I can see why its done though, it would be good if you could freeze them independently.

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