Looking forward to 2020 for Monzo

Anyone else eager to see where monzo are going for 2020? I know so many people that have signed up now and ditched their high Street bank.

Can’t wait for the news regarding the new “tier” accounts

I’d like to see where Monzo go this year, but I don’t have 2020 vision (:drum: ba-dum, tish)


I’d like Monzo to first have 2020 vision.

I think thats what felt like the problem with last year, it felt like priorities changed every few weeks.

I’d love to see a yearly plan set out… how they get there is up to them but id be alot happier personally if i could see the direction they wanted to head in in the more medium term rather than month to month.


Good one lol

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I understand, and to a degree, share this sentiment, but I think some of it was a result of growing much more quickly than they actually expected to. I would rather Monzo respond flexibly to unexpected events (internally and externally) than set out a rigid timetable,

For example, if Brexit had happened on Halloween, Monzo would not have been allowed to roll out their new FP system; sometimes they need to divert resources because the FCA introduce or change the timing of new rules (although almost always to delay the roll out because legacy banks :roll_eyes:). Whilst waiting for new features is annoying I don’t think, as a community, we give enough credit to what is going on under the hood.

I agree with you I think as a start up and how far they have become is a long way I was with monzo before it was a bank and I liked it then but now it has grown a lot ok they is still a few thing that need to be done and added but I sure they will do it and they definitely listen to the community and take in bored what people what and if they can they add it or test.


There was a time not so long ago when it felt like there was a cool new feature most weeks. The fun stuff arrives far less quickly now. Hopefully there will be some decent goodies this year as the High Street Banks are catching up on the earlier features.

In other news, I see there has been a big jump in sign ups the last few days, I was getting worried.


Monzo has come a long way I first joined before it was a bank and I liked it then but I never signed up for a bank account at the time as well I just for got to but now I have re singed up and I Rembrandt why I loved the app and monzo.

It’s get and has some cool features and they listen to what the community what and they try the best to work with what every one what’s witch is really good. :blush:

The high street bank have also come a long way and have add some stuff too I don’t think one bank has every think for every one and maybe that will never be the case it’s hard to please every one but if you keep improving then maybe they will.

To be fair most of that wasn’t their fault. Regulators kept bringing in new rules and regulations that forced Monzo to prioritize first.

Saw that one coming :sunglasses: :rofl: :joy:

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