"Long Term Tenancy"

(Simmy) #1

Hi everyone
Typically, how long is a long term tenancy ?



Anything a year or longer I’d say personally. Not sure if there’s a legal definition

In Scotland it’s more like 6 months as we don’t legally have fixed term tenancy. Not sure if same applies in England


My tennacy is untill its no longer needed i.e. smaller place required, but I am with a housing association in Edinburgh, so may well be different to private landlord “long” term tennacy :wink:

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Thanks guys
If i play by the landlords rules will i likely be offered a tenancy renewal when mine’s up ?


I don’t know how it works in England sorry. I’d recommend seeking advice from citizens advice

(Richard) #6

Also stuff from shelter: https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/private_renting/how_to_ask_for_a_longer_tenancy_agreement

(Simmy) #7

Shelter say its 2 year minimum

There’s also an article on the GOV website, saying there’s new proposals to make long term tenancies a minimum of 3 years.

Im asking because in my last place, the landlord sold it and didn’t renew my tenancy which was unexpected

(Richard) #8

Like the others… not really sure on the English system unfortunately.

Presumably there was a tenancy agreement signed for a lease term?

(Dan Mullen) #9

Most landlords offer short term tenancy agreements (6 months). If yours is offering a long term tenancy agreement, it’s likely they’re happy to have tenants in place for as long as possible. Don’t do anything daft and pay your rent on time, I’d be amazed if you get turfed :grinning:

(Elliot ) #10

A lot of places will only offer short-term tenancy initially (6 months) because it gives the landlords chance to “vet” you as an occupant better. If you follow all the rules, keep it clean and pay on time they’ll usually be open to a long term tenancy - that’s my experience anyway.

(Simmy) #11

That’s what I was hoping. Thanks


As a landlord, we also don’t sign for longer than six months at first for the sake of our tenants!

It’s worth seeing if you really like the place before signing up longer term.

(Leon) #13

It is normally 1 year. Some landlords offer 6 months but the majority stick with a 1 year tenancy agreement.


A year for me has been standard