‘Log Out’ Button Feedback


Unfortunately Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID is not always on point! When authentication fails you are presented with a try again button or a log out button. Out of my own stupidity I have accidentally pressed the log out button (many times) and have been forced to use a magic link to get back in.

I’m sure I’m not alone out there. It’s a small touch but will save a few people a lot of time in the long run :woozy_face:

Is there any way this can be either moved to the top of the screen, or a confirmation dialog added to prevent this from happening?


Ta! :star_struck:


You’re right!

I think there should be an option to use the device password - other apps do this.


Yes very true, or have the option to set up a custom login pin. NatWest does this and it works well. :ok_hand:

Im on android and ive been get logged out quite abit and its annoying having to keep going in my emails to log back in