Loans and overdrafts

Instead of saying these are not available, why not encourage Monzo users to work towards being eligible. For example, if they regularly save for a year they can work towards getting an overdraft, similar for loans, they can borrow maybe 50% of what they have saved, and this increases each time they repay the loan. Requirement would be your salary gets paid into Monzo and Monzo takes monthly payments when salary is received

Very much like this idea.

Especially for people with poor credit from the past and are tying to fix it

I think if monzo gave a goal towards how to get an overdraft or a loan would encourage alot of people to switch to monzo and encourage savings!

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Hi @Apollo7 :wave:

Just a disclaimer, I’m a COp, and I’m not involved with the lending team in any way. This is simply my two pence into the discussion!

I like the idea of helping customers be better with money (especially cleaning up their credit report)

I think what we need to be careful about here though is the whole incentives for being eligible for these products. I have a feeling that paying your salary into your Monzo account just to be eligible for a financial product wouldn’t sit well with many people. It feels like some sort of trade deal, where Monzo gets something from you, and in return gives you something else.

I agree that the whole flow of being told you’re not eligible could be improved upon though (other than the link to your credit report). Little tips and advice to get to a stage where customers become eligible would be great. I think however, I’d much rather focus on helping customers get their financial lives in shape without the need to rely on loans/overdrafts to get them there would be a great start! :slightly_smiling_face:

We need to be careful of who we are lending to, we don’t want to put customers into more financial difficulties, just because they’ve given something to Monzo (i.e their salary)