Loading the card from a Euro account?

In the terms https://getmondo.co.uk/terms/ section 2.3 it talks about loading the card from bank accounts and what happens if the currencies don’t match.

One of the features I like about mondo is the use of the interbank exchange rate when spending in foreign currencies. Would this rate be used if I sent Euros to my account from a European bank? Is this even possible?

At the moment we don’t support standard bank transfers because we’re not a bank yet. However, you can load your card by transferring to a specific bank account – the rate would be decided by your bank though, not us :slight_smile: Does that make sense?

URGENT QUESTION: I have a EUR debit card (MasterCard). Can I use this to load EUR onto my Monzo account, to be then spent in Europe (in EUR obviously)?

The short answer is no, your Monzo account can only hold GBP I’m afraid.