Lit win up to £1,000,000 swiping

Just found this advertised on facebook

lol reminds me of Suits… what a show:



Can’t find a website for them

Edit: found them. Uselit

I have no words for this crap


If that debit card can make me and my friends win up to £1 million, without any defined terms, I’ll take the literal £999,998 and my friends can have a quid each.

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Free for the virtual card

£6pm for the physical

Not for me, ta.

It appears that the card is purely for your rewards.

You enter the contest through promoting referral links.

At least that is how I enterpret the rules.

When you normally spend with your card, the merchant you’re buying from pays a so called interchange fee to your card-issuing bank. This fee is typically between 0.2%-1.5% of what you are spending.

Instead, we pool together a part of this fee and give it back our amazing LIT-users, meaning anyone who uses the LIT-card can suddenly become a winner and win everything from £1 to a £1 000 000.

So how are they going to make money from this?

I assume through links as no purchase is necessary. Allegedly.

Sounds sustainable.

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I saw it too this morning, entered my email as why not I wanna be a millionaire

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Maybe I’m getting old, I didn’t understand a word of it. WTAF is “I’m salty”? My 11 year old niece is coming over tomorrow, maybe she can translate for me.

I know this one!

Bitter, irritated

Although it doesn’t seem to fit this context so…

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I thought same worth a punt

Have you just stumbled across a task the candidates on The Apprentice had to complete for the next series of the show?

I just see it as a harvesting of email addresses.

Perhaps personal details later too.