Lanistar discussion

Just heard about this company due to them announcing a sponsorship deal with Matchroom Boxing.

Apparently it’s a debit card that links up to 8 bank cards using opening banking?

Winter is coming for the Lanistars


I wonder how many people will get that statement :rofl:

Steer clear of them it seems


We have two threads - Lanistar FCA warning

Winter came quickly


Everything about it sounds like an Apprentice contestant for some reason.

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If the FCA don’t have evidence then aren’t they opening themselves up to a suit, and if they do have evidence then say it’s unauthorised and what they’ll do about it.

The logo looks very much like Polestar.

However Lanistar sounds more like a toothpaste.

But they have a big blue unicorn

You have to trust a company with a big blue unicorn

It’s getting more interesting


A polymorphic bank card for those who know influence is the only currency that matters.

A bank for the “Instagram” generation? This is going to be glorious. :joy::roll_eyes:

One PIN per card? One card per account? Yeah, no. Our signature Volt card lets you stack up to eight cards in one, and swap between them using a keypad directly on the card. Or using our app, if you’re not into keypads.

The “keypad on card” is innovative, but the whole idea is useless in an era of mobile payments. Plus Curve has demonstrated that it is possible to change the backing card after the fact, so even the whole keypad on card thing is irrelevant if you can choose the target card after the transaction.

Bring your debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, charge cards and corporate cards together on a single card and swap between them. No more leaving home with a bunch of cards that would be a pain to lose.

Is this an actual issue for a significant amount of people or are they clutching at straws here because their whole product doesn’t have anything worthwhile? Curve’s entire business is based around this and it doesn’t seem to be a massive success.

Meet the Chome Volt, the world’s most secure card. Generate one-time PINs, CVVs and expiry dates for any purchase. If hackers get your details after the fact, who cares? Your details are worthless, and your money is untouchable.

Preying on people’s fears here but any credit or debit card will refund fraudulent transactions regardless of these technical solutions. Plus the reason these solutions aren’t implemented by other banks (the concept of ephemeral card numbers has actually been tested years ago by legacy banks) is that it isn’t worth the trouble.

I really don’t get the point of this considering the other options available on the market nor how would they make money long-term.


Not entirely. First use I thought of was “easier than Apple Pay and recent iPhone when you’ve got a face mask on”.

I fear the situation might be more complicated than they think, and they might find the FCA come back and clarify their own position as to why they consider the notice is correctly applied.


From what I can tell they opened the wait list using modulr as their emoney institution

I think they need a new space bar


Badlyformatted auto-responsevia chatbot ?

Looks badthough.


The whole point of a long and detailed response like that is to try and distract you from the fact the the answer is a simple “No”. Poor form.


We already have a thread - Lanistar discussion

You can clearly see they’ve just thrown money at the largest influencers they can with no forethought at who their actual audience is rather than just millennials who want a pretty looking card…

The whole thing looks very shady to me, and I can see it flopping by summer of 2021, it reminds me all too much of miwhip, the Uber “rival” where you could do a journey in a gold wrapped supercar…

Creating a brand aimed at the “influencer generation” isn’t a legible approach in my opinion, influencers jump on trends… So Lanistar are in my eyes something that will literally have its 5 minutes of fame before being forgotten about.

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