LG mobile division closing

I’ve never actually ever owned an LG phone to be fair. They’ve never produced anything that I’ve been tempted by and seemingly most of the rest of the world. They truly must have been pants, and have nothing worth buying, if no big multi national companies wanted to buy them either.

The things that made LG phones special aren’t for sale (mainly the displays), so doesn’t really surprise me the division wasn’t sold.

Not really a surprise, honestly. The writing’s been on the wall for them since the rise of the Chinese brands.

I actually think they produced some quality designed phones.

The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 were fantastic. Because LG actually made great hardware at one stage and those phones ran pure Android.

It was their terrible custom version of Android which let them down.


Which brands run pure Android these days? It has been a long time since I used an Android phone, but when I did I remember that pure Android was always much better.

Isn’t it just Pixels that do?

I’ve had lots of their phones in the past, the Nexus 4, the G2 and the G4. Out of all of them the Nexus 4 was definitely the best at what it did. The others all started suffering hardware issues after a year and a bit. The price point of LG’s phones was always their strong point though.

In the end I moved to Samsung and I’ve stuck with their flagships. Sad to see them go, but they just can’t compete with Apple and Samsung in this day and age.

Unpopular opinion, but I honestly think Samsung’s One UI is better than pure Android.

I guess that this won’t see the light of day, then.

Technically pixels run proprietary Google secret sauce on top of pure Android.

Motos are fairly Stock. As are Nokias.


Typically what Google offer is considered to be pure Android, although it’s not what you’d get if you just built Android from the source code.

OnePlus have Oxygen OS which historically was close but has deviated over the years. And as mentioned, Nokia and Moto are pretty close to stock.

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Phones that are part of the OneAndroid programme are stock android UI.

I.e. Pixel & Nokia.

However some parts are declared to be “hardware specific”. One of which is camera. On my Nokia I have Zeiss pro settings, but no PhotoSphere / 3D which is Google Camera / Pixel specific.

There are other things like that - i.e. Google pay in the power button UI which keeps popping up (or maybe released now) on Google pixel phones only.

Even pixels run a Google-exclusive version of Android. I don’t think anything runs pure pure Android anymore

I kind of now associate Google with Android when really the OS is open.

What does pure Android look like?

“Android One” rather than OneAndroid, but yes

I loved my Nexus 5 and I liked the concept of the LG Wing, it just didn’t sell

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