Let's talk about documentaries!


Is this based on a true story? :bike: Added to my list as it looks worthy on the face of it… would be even better if it’s non-fiction too.

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One of the ones that immediately springs to mind for me is

Loved seeing this man create beautiful food and hearing how long he spent perfecting his craft.

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I’m currently watching ‘The Toys That Made Us’ on Netflix. It was recommended to me by a friend. About to start Season 2, TBH if only for the ‘Lego’ episode. :heart:



I really loved Man on Wire; it’s so engaging and gripping. It’s about Philippe Petit’s tightrope walk between the towers of the World Trade Centre when it was newly constructed.

I also really enjoyed Bill Bailey’s Jungle Hero, about Alfred Russell Wallace.


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Just watched Earth: One Amazing Day on BBC 2. The best wildlife documentary I’ve seen. My and the eldest were more invested in that than should be possible


I’ve seen a lot of recommendations of The Staircase on facebook :thinking:


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That, Making a Murderer and the Unabomber (not a documentary but kind of is).


Brainwashing - excellent Norwegian series that looks at different aspects of the nature vs nurture debate.


"Last Train Home" by Lixin Fan.

If you have ever had to leave your family behind to earn a living, this is the documentary to see.

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I just watched this documentary about Joan Didion and her incredible life. I’d never realised she was related to Griffin Dunne, who directed the film, nor had I known much about her, though I’ve read a few books and heard the story of her husband and daughters death several times on various podcasts and in articles.


I’ve also watched The Staircase and Evil Genius recently. The Staircase annoyed me, but I spent too long looking into other theories and decided the owl did it (you’ll have to google it) and Evil Genius definitely spent too long on the ‘crazy lady’ theory when the men involved didn’t get the same treatment, but it was overall pretty well done.

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If it was the owl theory, then why was it never brought up? Even the defence attorney hasn’t made any mention of it on his twitter page.

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The documentary maker said they didn’t include it because the trial never brought it up.

I was mostly joking, I have no opinion, I’m not a lawyer in any way. I was just curious to read that owl feathers were found in her hair and her hand and an owl could have made the marks on her head, given she had no brain injuries consistent with being bashed :man_shrugging: