Let's talk about documentaries!

(Simon B) #1

What’s the best documentary you’ve seen recently? What are your favourites of all time?

I watched this one recently on the history of LA’s Sunset Strip. It’s partially narrated by a friend of mine - the legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Tattoos on the Sunset Strip :grinning:


The best documentary I ever watched on money/finance was The Ascent of Money. While it is based on the 2008 crash it also has a whole bunch of history of money and theory in there.

(#savetheseabass) #3

My favourite of all time is Senna. Loved formula 1 when I was younger and Ayrton Senna was just amazing. Still remember watching the crash that killed him and this documentary makes me cry every time I see it

Also partial to Michael Moore documentaries and Morgan Spurlocks Super Size Me

(Simon B) #4

This is another of my all-time faves… I think it’s on Netflix now. Watch this and it will totally change our outlook on food…

(Dan) #5

Not sure if this qualifies as a documentary, however I loved this. If you liked Making a Murderer, then you should like this. But be warned, there is quite a disturbing scene. https://www.netflix.com/title/80158319

(Marcel Ruhf) #6

I recently started watching Dirty Money (a Netflix documentary series), which is very interesting.

(Andrew Ross) #7

Icarus on Netflix. A massive doping scandal caught!



‘Tickled’ has to be one of the most bizarre but engrossing things I’ve ever watched in documentary form. I’d recommend not reading or watching anything about it before. Go in blind.

‘Wild Wild Country’ was fascinating and we’ll produced. It’s about a cult in America that eventually threatened American life. It’s on Netflix.

‘Long Way Round’. Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman embark on a gruelling quest to motorbike from London to New York. Going east through Europe, Asia and then to Alaska.

‘The Man who Cycled the World’. BBC documentary broadcast in August 2008. The content was based on Beaumont’s video diaries of the journey. The documentary was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA. Awesome travel documentary.

(Kieran McCann ) #9

I just recently watched Evil Genius on Netflix. It’s a four part documentary series on ‘Americas most diabolical bank heist’. I would divulged but spoilers are never fun, definitely recommend it thought.


The two most memoriable for me are


(Kieran McCann ) #11

I remember getting the Long way Round & The Long Way Down as a birthday or Christmas present when I was young. Watching Ewan and Charley embark on this great adventure was incredible to young me. Those documentaries are what started my love for bikes.

(Benjamin Doherty) #12

Yes! This is brilliant/heartbreaking


Just watched “Afghanistan: The Great Game – A Personal View by Rory Stewart” yesterday on Netflix and thought it was really good. Shows how unnecessary wars can be :thinking:

(Nicole Dall) #14

Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father.

Absolutely hearbreaking. It’s one of those documentaries that you can only watch once but will stay with you forever.

(Maike Wolstenholme) #15

got to be ‘Making a Murderer’?! :hocho::gun::dizzy_face: Who’s with me?

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #16

I loved it!

There’s a new documentary by the same team out soon.



That’s a great one. Wish I never watched it though. :worried:


I was very surprised they showed that.

I really likes the Dirty Money documentaries on Netflix.

(Dan) #19

Added to the never-ending Netflix List.


Hands down best documentary I’ve watched in recent memory is Dirty Money :dollar:. Every episode is an eye opener.

Currently watching the following which is somewhat promising so far: