Let’s talk Bip (Bip Credit) - Discussion

Starting a discussion as I have recently started to see an advert for a new credit card called Bip Credit

It looks like a wallet only credit card, seems interesting. Has anyone heard about it or any thoughts?

Website: https://www.bip.credit/


Their squashed font and neon colours makes me think that I’ll pass.


10/10 observation. I would avoid anything that is to do with New Day Ltd just because of a bad experience I had with Aqua a few years ago.

They are starting a waitlist at the moment so I don’t know if there is anyone actually using it yet :eyes:

Wouldn’t want to touch anything related to NewDay to be fair.

I agree about that awful looking website an all, must of taken them all of 5 minutes to just throw it at the screen.

I got my email invite yesterday to sign up as a ‘First User’

But don’t need credit, don’t want an unnecessary check on my credit file and something ‘credit’ from Monzo is being teased, so I’ll pass.

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What did I miss :eyes: @davidwalton

There’s some sort of credit/lending service being launched later in 2021, Monzo was hiring with relation to it too.

Most of the details can be seen in the ‘Monzo Credit Card - what and why!’ topic, with more specific details from this point on:

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Thanks I’ll have a catch up now @davidwalton
I also got my bip invite but not going ahead with it

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