Let’s talk Bip (Bip Credit) - Discussion

Starting a discussion as I have recently started to see an advert for a new credit card called Bip Credit

It looks like a wallet only credit card, seems interesting. Has anyone heard about it or any thoughts?

Website: https://www.bip.credit/


Their squashed font and neon colours makes me think that I’ll pass.


10/10 observation. I would avoid anything that is to do with New Day Ltd just because of a bad experience I had with Aqua a few years ago.

They are starting a waitlist at the moment so I don’t know if there is anyone actually using it yet :eyes:

Wouldn’t want to touch anything related to NewDay to be fair.

I agree about that awful looking website an all, must of taken them all of 5 minutes to just throw it at the screen.

I got my email invite yesterday to sign up as a ‘First User’

But don’t need credit, don’t want an unnecessary check on my credit file and something ‘credit’ from Monzo is being teased, so I’ll pass.


What did I miss :eyes: @davidwalton

There’s some sort of credit/lending service being launched later in 2021, Monzo was hiring with relation to it too.

Most of the details can be seen in the ‘Monzo Credit Card - what and why!’ topic, with more specific details from this point on:

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Thanks I’ll have a catch up now @davidwalton
I also got my bip invite but not going ahead with it

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I signed up yday and it seems decent. Also seems aimed at poorer credit scorers.

Generally works well.

You don’t get a physical card which I’m fine with 99% of the time.

You have to add it to GPay which just wouldn’t work for a few hours - then started working fine.

The in app chat doesn’t seem to send me notifications.

You don’t get in app transaction notifications.

Everything else looks pretty good though.

I got an OK credit limit. I’m a very high credit scorer usually so I’m guessing they don’t offer high limits yet.

29.9% Apr is what I got too.

The direct debit requires an extra setup step and it seems like they don’t want you to pay off in full but it’s easy to do.

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I thought I’d give it a try. The app is in a pretty bad state on iOS. You can tell it’s the Aqua Card pages just redesigned when your in certain menus.

Not something I’d use to be honest but it’s there for times when I want to use it. I might wait for a few months and see how better it gets

There isn’t a wait list anymore

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They’ve just turned on in app transaction notifications which is good. It seems decent but nothing show stopping other than you could be in the pub, forget your wallet, apply, and be paying with Google Pay 10mins later

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It seems good, but if it’s NewDay, no thanks

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