Lend Small Loan

Hi all I think Monzo should do for all customers small lone say like £50-100 for when customers need cash in an emergency

Like an overdraft, for example?


Yes but one that all customers can have ut only for emergency

So every customer should have access to an overdraft if the customer says it’s an emergency?

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That is what an overdraft is for.

Yes but not all customers can get an overdraft so the customer that can’t need other ways to get emergency cash

You can get emergency cash abroad if you pay for monzo plus.

As for locally… you kind of have to start budgeting better in that case. If you can’t get an overdraft, no one is going to give you a loan for the exact same reason.

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loans tend to have a harsher lending criteria than overdrafts, both need credit checks. Chances are you wouldn’t qualify for a loan if you don’t qualify for an overdraft

Also they’d need over £100 million to offer £50 to all customers :cold_sweat:


Think of it from the bank’s perspective. They can’t offer money to just anyone, not knowing whether or not that person will be able to pay it back.
Making the option available for all customers would be both risky and expensive.


So bascially to summarize, you’re unable to get an overdraft so what you would like is the ability to contact Monzo the moment you don’t have any cash (because you have an emergency i.e. no cash) and hope that they will give you £50 or £100 with zero guarantee to them that they will ever get their money back?



Many banks do offer small emergency loans via their financial care teams so would be nice to see Monzo look at something similar

Not really. Barclays refused overdraft for me but pre approved for loan up to 35000.
Looks it depends how you use your account.

But about emergency borrowing - will be very expensive.
Some banks offer this feature but only after arranged overdraft limit

Monzo does the same for me (not for that much, though).