Left to Spend calculating the wrong period end date

Issue: My left to spend is showing an end date of May 27th when I set a period to end on the 31st of each month and to reset the working day before if that date is a weekend.

The period should be ending on the 30th this month since the 31st a Monday

Details to reproduce:
Device: iPhone 11
App Version: 3.83.0

The working day before is the 28th

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31st is a bank holiday though, so not a ‘working day’!

Edit: but yeah, as @Rat_au_van says, seems like that should still be the 28th, not 27th!

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No the 27th is the last day of the summary period so the 28th is correct for the start of the new one

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With you. Just re-read it >.< was thinking in terms of ending on last working day, not starting…

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Oh my… it’s a good job I posted this or I would have turned up to work on Monday