Laptop £250 budget

Glad to hear some positive reviews about a Chromebook as I’m ever so close to pulling the trigger.

Reckon it’s worth holding out for a Pixelbook? Maybe when the next gen comes out and the first gen drop in price?


Try the nvidia geforce beta for gaming rather than worrying aboit the laptop specs for it. You connect remotely so graphics are much better if your broadband is up to it.

I love my Pixelbook with a passion, but was it really a lot better than something running Chrome OS at half the price? Debatable. I really wanted one with the backlit keyboard and decent longevity though, so it was easily the best choice in early 2018

Pixelbooks are great, but like @SouthseaOne says, not sure they are worth the price, especially when you can get very good ones, for half the price.

They are very nice though, and if you can spare the money then its a luxury item, and from that point, its worth it.

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It depends what you want from the device.

My introduction to Chromebooks was an Asus device that work gave me. It had 14 hour quoted battery life but always want on for longer. It wasn’t flash but it was more than capable. Even quite smart for white plastic. The RRP was around £200 or just under.

But the screen. Oh, the screen. This is where they saved money.

Admittedly, I do use MacBook Retina and an iMac 27" Retina with additional Apple 27" Cinema Display, so I’m spoilt and my standards are high.

So I bought the Pixelbook 2015 LS which has, among other things, an amazing display. But £999 for a Pixelbook is a lot of money. For me that makes it a luxury item.

But you should be able to get some very good Chromebooks for between £250 and £500 that are capable machines and not luxuries. These devices can replaces PC / Mac laptops for many people, they are cheaper and they last a lot longer.

For less money, this one looks good:

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