Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝


If you receive the money from another mono user you can assign it to a category, great, works as expected and means the spending summary is correct.

If however you pay a bill (or anything) and receive the money from a non-Monzo user via bank transfer you’re unable to assign the payment to a category. Instead this transfer is classed as ‘income’. This massively screws up the spending summary.

This is a big issue for a lot of people and I agree with ‘pjs’ thoughts on this. Monzo are championing the budgeting part of their app and I love them for doing it, but it’s not there yet.

The issue with not being able to categorise bank transfers has been around for some time, I’ve seen it mentioned on the forums in multiple threads over the last few years. It’d be great if Monzo could give us a timeline for addressing this.

(Toby Toller) #123

Oh yeah, totally agree with this - it’s inconsistent and frustrating.

I think I got confused as we were going off topic from the labs feedback - would say that’s more a Summary issue

(Ross McQuillan) #124

Not sure if this would belong here or in a new “IOU” feature. I frequently pick stuff up for my flat mates on the way back from work that I don’t want. I’d love the option to charge them the full wack, kind of like a claim back the full amount feature. Maybe even add an admin fee option :thinking::wink: could be done by allowing me to remove myself from the bill?

(Paul) #125

When splitting the amount and it shows all parties could you not tap their amount and change it to the full amount? Seems to work for me.

(Simone) #126

I’ve reporter the same issue via Twitter. They opened an internal ticket for that. Hopefully will be fixed soon


I think the Payments tab can be utilised here. With both the Pay and Request screens used.

So in the Pay screen, a list of all the requests you are due to pay and in the Request screen, a list of all the payments waiting to be received.

Thoughts? It would the logical place to keep track of these, surely?

(Paul) #128

We have a local takeaway that only takes cash and as we’re all Monzo users it would still be useful to throw IOUs round to everybody to transfer the money to me.

There’s no reason you can’t generate a £5 for the takeaway link, and send it to them. Those get picked up by the monzo app and just become monzo-to-monzo transfers.


Yep and that’s what I do but it doesn’t give me the ability to track who had paid back like the new functionality provides.

(Paul) #130

So I think the thing coming out of this, is that the ability to be able to assign categories for incoming transactions is just as important as outgoing transactions. It’s not so much that the transactions need to be tied together, but for the sake of budgeting the categories need to be correct.

Being able to correct them manually would be the fundamental step towards that, and then any automatic assignment on top would be icing.


I’m after a single “off Monzo” transaction that will result in a lot of Monzo people owing me money, being able to go through this new bill splitting feature so I can keep track of who owes what and if they’ve paid or not.

Bill splitting but being able to trigger it with an arbitrary value rather than a specific transaction. - paying a Monzo contact

Is this the sort of thing you’re thinking of?

(Nathan) #133

Could another way around this be the ability to “split” an atm transaction.

(Nathan) #134

I’d also like them to allow you to split a bill with yourself… that way you can split the transaction into separate categories to make summary that bit more accurate


That’s a little over kill really for what I’m after, I’d expect to be paid back by everybody by the time the next meal time rolls around. The bill splitting functionality above is pretty much all I’m after.

(Alex) #136

Hi, serious apologies if already raised above but I don’t think I saw it.

Bill splitting is absolutely amazing and it has already made paying for things with SO and friends soooo much easier.

But, up until now, whenever you received money on the day your ‘X spent today’ figure at the top of pulse/feed would not go down. Now with bill splitting implemented, surely this figure could now properly reflect what is spent today by minus-ing the money received back?

So in the above my total for the day should be 23.01 - 5.43 = 17.58

Monzo anything that can be done here? Would be great for spent today to update and actually be correct.


I’m hoping the new payee management features announced in the Big List Update are part of the steps towards mon-monzo account integration with bill splitting.

(Oscar) #138

For joint accounts: it would be good to be able to split a joint account transaction with your own Monzo account. ie. pay for something on joint account, then split that bill with yourself and partner.

(Boris Portnoi) #139

I like the idea of using bill splitting with other monzo users through the request and receive facility as previous to this I would send monzo me links to other monzo users and they would have to manually send it through me being a contact on their monzo app.

However much like many other people on this thread feel that non monzo users should still be able have a split transaction with.

This is really easy to rectify all you have to do is when you split a bill, say £2 each for 5 people, all you need is under the add people button is the facility to send a £2 monzo me link that’s automatically filled in with the details of the transaction.

(Mark Appleton) #140

When using bill splitting and adding a Monzo user, it didn’t show the contact I needed because the phone number in the contact was in +44 format. When I added the 07… format number to the contact I could then see it in Monzo when splitting a bill.

This was using the Monzo app in iOS 11.4.1

(Nicola Sansom) #141

I seem to be running into a bug when trying to split bank transfers which is causing the app to crash: