Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝


That would be a difficult situation to manage.

Perhaps a combination of payee details and expected amount could be used? Or a element of manual user action, assigning incoming payment to the transaction?

I wouldn’t be unhappy with a extra step being required when a non-Monzo account is involved as clearly there’s limits to the information that can be incorporated.


Perhaps if Monzo had payee contacts, you could add the amount and the contact to the bill split just like you add Monzo users now. Then when the money gets transfered to your sccount, Monzo would recognise that the payment came from that person (you’d need to have the person’s bank details in your contact for them).


That seems quite logical.

Hopefully we’ll get some information soon. I would hope there’s something in place before it leaves Labs.


Really like the new bill splitting, exactly how I always thought it should’ve worked!

One thing I was hoping for though was better interaction with summary. For example if I budget £20 for eating out, and bill split a £20 takeaway 50/50 I’ve still got £10 of the budget left, but the summary will show as fully spent, so if I go get another £10 takeaway it looks like I’ve overspent.

(connorianreilly) #106

I tried the bill split with a friend last night… mainly as an excuse to get pizza. None the less, worked perfectly! :pizza:

(Richard Bartlett) #107

I totally agree. The amount that others repay you for the transaction should be readded onto the category target the transaction was originally allocated to.

I imagine this becomes challenging if you then change the category for the transaction afterwards but it’s the right behaviour.

There was a lot of feedback to this extent when Monzo first launched

(Richard Bartlett) #108

The notification that you owe someone should also be sticky at the top of my feed. I don’t want to lose track of the request just because other transactions displace it from the top.

My girlfriend missed a bill splitting request in this way.


Or maybe put them in the ‘Request’ section of the payments tab?

(Kenneth Cajigas) #110

I was just about to post this issue I was having because I wanted to add another person in my bill split and there wasn’t an option! Also my friend seemed to have clicked on the request link and then it seems to have disappeared. Will there be the option to send a request again or like a ping to the person?

(Daniel) #111

This is happening for me, maybe you have a bug? If I use the new bill splitting the incoming payments are automatically assigned the same category as the bill. If I use with another monzo user the payment goes into general where I can assign it a different catagory. It’s only non monzo users sending money via that I can’t assing a category and fix summary with.

(Ed Stubbs) #112

To be honest the actual splitting of the bill isn’t the issue, that’s not solving a problem for that many people. I don’t really need a mechanism to inform the person who owes me money (it would be nice, but not crucial). All I would typically do is share my account details from the app through messenger or whatsapp and then tell them how much to pay me back (which is pretty seamless really now that they’ve added the ability to share bank account details).

I think most people’s issue here is the fact that if you’re going to go full Monzo, the budgeting, which is what Monzo are championing as one of the main benefits at the moment of managing your money, needs to be as accurate as possible, and the amount that has been spent in each category needs to accurately reflect what is actually happening, or else people just stop using it as it doesn’t help them.

I don’t have the solution as I’m not an app developer and don’t know what is possible or not, all I think we’re saying is that it would be good to see them figure out a solution to this problem and to give a rough timeline of when it is being addressed as it’s probably one of the leading frustrations across all users (going by the community). My personal slight frustration was that the wording of the updates suggested it was being fixed as part of this update which wasn’t made clear and only bill splitting between monzo users was addressed.

Ignoring Reimbursed Transactions (and partially reimbursed ones)
(rach) #113

Today I went to superdrug and bought some shower gel (for me and my boyfriend) and some makeup in the same transaction. I spent this money on the joint account. If the bill splitting feature evolves to alter your spending summary, it would be good if you could split bills with yourself, if that makes sense?
I don’t know whether I’m just being difficult here but I often spend money on joint stuff and me stuff in the same transaction, and I’d like to be able to split it out so my summary is correct on both accounts.

The feature works great though!

(Toby Toller) #114

I expect the reason that splitting a bill doesn’t affect the category spend until after the person its split with has paid you back, is in case they never do pay you back (or do via another method, such as cash, or paying for something equal in return).

Once you receive the payment, you can then assign it to the same category as the original spend, netting it out to the correct amount.


I think most people were suggesting that the bill splitting should automatically reduce the amount spent in a particular category after you have been paid back. That’s what I’d like to happen.

(MikeF) #116

That is what happens isn’t it?


Sorry, had a mind blank. I was thinking about the value of the transaction decreasing.


Bill splitting is :ok_hand: but I don’t like that it appears to take away the ability to split the amount via

The majority of the people I know aren’t on Monzo and so if I have to choose between the two, it would be a link over bill Splitting. Hopefully when this is first released you can have an option to select bill splitting or

(Adam Kendrew) #119

Once the bill has been split, is there any prompt on the feed item, similar to the coin jar overlay? If not that could be a good way to quickly find transactions that have been split.

(MikeF) #120

OK. I wouldn’t like that since the value of the transaction hasn’t actually changed.

If I paid out the full amount and people paid me back then I want my bank statement to reflect that with as many transactions as needed. I did actually pay out all the money so I’d want see it go out and come back.

Maybe roll them up in the way the coin jar is shown now but i don’t believe my bank should start artificially changing my transaction values.


First test of the bill splitting feature this evening with another Monzo user. It seemed to work well, but I noticed an extra screen that doesn’t seem to have any real purpose other than to write a note, which doesn’t show up anywhere. Seems like it could do with a bit of refinement? This is going to be really hard to explain, but I’ll try.

1st photo is my feed with the transaction on “The Comedy Store” Directly above you can see the payment my friend on Monzo sent me in response to my bill splitting request. It comes with the note “For The Comedy Store” under my friends name (This note can’t be edited unfortunately) It has the comedy store logo next to his picture, this is a nice touch.

2nd photo. The screen you see if you click on “The Comedy Store” transaction itself from my feed. Here we can see the amounts each person paid. If I click on my friends name under the ‘bill splitting’ heading it takes me to the payment I received from my friend. This is the 3rd photo and so far this is logical. This screen can also be accessed directly from the feed by simply clicking on the payment received from my friend in the feed.

4th photo… If you click the ‘linked payment’ test on the 3rd photo, you’d expect to be taken back to the 2nd photo, the original payment, but instead you go to the new mystery screen. Photo 4. This screen is a weird hybrid between the original comedy store payment screen and the payment I received from my friend. The logo is the comedy store, but the name underneath is my friends (hence anonymised). Here we can add a note, but this note doesn’t appear in the main feed and is buried several screens in. What is it’s purpose?

Love to hear other peoples thoughts on this, I hope I explained it well enough. Am I missing something? I’m not entirely sure what the 4th screen is for? What purpose does it serve? I had expected to be taken back to the original transaction when clicking on the ‘linked payment’. The note you can write here doesn’t appear in the feed making it not very useful. Perhaps we could edit the note that does appear in the feed?