Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

(Nathan) #184

Great news @cookywook

Looking forward to this coming to fruition!
Lovely little feature that none of the competitors have but soon their users will want based on how seamless monzo makes it


This looks fantastic @cookywook! I cannot wait for this, I originally turned off the Lab feature because of not really being able to split with non-Monzo users.

Edit: I should also clarify that I’m actively trying to convert most of social circle to using Monzo but it’s very difficult to get people to move for some reason. Even with the switch service…I just don’t get it. :man_shrugging:


Having three options seems a bit confusing. What about the following:

When I’m with a group of friends/family/colleagues, we usually discuss whose on Monzo and who isn’t. Because Nearby Friends has to be enabled, often it confuses people, and it’s also not super obvious that it’s not just “Friends”, but “nearby Monzo users”. I don’t call collagues “Friends”, but they would show up in “Nearby Friends” and it’s confusing.

Having two options means you could share the link and/or a Golden Ticket/signup link. i.e. design a workflow that drives sign-ups.

(Sean) #187

+1 for golden ticket and link to contacts (send auto SMS?)

I have 2 pending golden tickets but I wonder how it would split them between 2 non-monzo contacts or if I added a third non-monzo would one miss out?


I don’t seem to have an option to split a bank transfer amongst some of my Monzo owning friends. Has this feature been disabled? I see from this thread that some users are experiencing difficulties with it.

Looks like a good feature in general though, thanks!

(Matt C) #189

Have you switched it on in Labs?


Thanks for the reply!

I have switched on labs. I can see it there for standard card payments, but not for bank transfers.


I think it’s only card transactions that can be split.


Great to see splitting with non-Monzo users is in the works!


  • Completely agree with @WildlyWaving’s suggestions of having only “Someone on Monzo” & “Someone not on Monzo” options and then Nearby payments as an option above the “contacts on Monzo” section after choosing “Someone on Monzo”.

  • Temporary, individual links for each person in the split, but it would be really useful to be able to split different amounts for non-monzo people. I think the inability to split different amounts for the same transaction is a reason why not too many people used before - I know it’s prevented me from using it before. This functionality would also let users track who’s paid.

  • Ability to assign nicknames to non-Monzo users when splitting.

  • Option to “Add contact on Monzo” at the end of your list of Monzo contacts after choosing “Someone on Monzo” (if not already there).

  • If a receipt is added to the transaction before the split, the receipt is automatically added (or option to download it is given) to the bill split feed item for Monzo users and to the link for non-Monzo users so that people can double check they’re paying the right amount. Receipt would then be automatically added to the bill split repayment from any Monzo users.

(Liam) #194

It makes me really happy to see you do this. :star_struck: Thank you!


If a receipt is added to the transaction before the split, the receipt is automatically added (or option to download it is given) to the bill split feed item for Monzo users and to the link for non-Monzo users

Cracking idea @awjdean, it would be great if this could be part of the ‘Linked Transaction’ so that anyone on the transaction could see both the receipt, and who owes what from which place.

(Adam Kendrew) #196

I think the ‘non Monzo’ aspect of the bill split would go hand in hand with a redesign of payee management. If we could have a contact list of all our friends/colleagues etc (and their Monzo and non-Monzo bank accounts) this would make the UI much nicer on the eye than just ‘friend 3’ and ‘friend 4’.

It could then intelligently decide to send a Monzo request if they bank with Monzo, or send that person a text (or copy and paste a url) with a link if they don’t? :smiley:

(Matt C) #197

That is the dream!


Wow. I like that - looks pretty cool. You guys really move quick on users interest

Do you plan to indicate on the payment list who is / is not a Monzo user ?


+1 for contacts integration and auto sending an SMS/Monzo request

(Nathan) #200

Wow auto text/whatsapp would be incredible!
And dare i say it a very monzo way of doing it.

Id also like to see the ability to send a reminder if possible

(Tim) #201

You can split the bill from a joint account; I’ve done this quite a few times now!

You can’t request money from a joint account. Nor can you request money from yourself, I’m afraid…

(Tim) #202

Are the links some way unique so that the correct non-monzo contact shows as paid?

I think the plan is that when you tap the name, you get a link to share with that person.

(Tim) #203

You and @awjdean both have some really good feedback, we shared it with the designers yesterday :grinning:

Interesting point about “Nearby Friends”—I remember we thought very hard about the naming of that feature.

The screenshots above are just the design; in the app you’ll get to name the non-Monzo friends you’re adding.

While there links with individual amounts, I don’t think we’ll be able to link the link back to the bill split (or at least, not right now).

Hope that’s interesting :blush:

(Toby Toller) #204

I suppose what I mean is it would be great if you could split the bill from a joint account with your personal account being one of the split options.

Eg. My girlfriend and I have a joint account for house stuff - mainly bills - in which we put our share of the mortgage etc in when we get paid.

Then I purchase a piece of furniture for the house on the joint account.

If I split the bill just with her from the joint account, I am not paying my share back into the joint account. Really I would want to split this payment 50/50 between our two personal accounts.

Does that make sense?