Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

(Tim) #205

Yeah, I totally get what you’re coming from! I was just answering your original question about whether this was possible right now :blush:

It’s certainly an interesting suggestion…

(Dan) #206

This all looks great😀
How about being able to split a future bill or fund, like if you splitting the cost of a holiday or something in the future, even better the money once paid by friends could go direct to a pot for that purchase! That would be awesome as we all don’t have the money available to pay first then collect the cash

(Jaya Simpson) #207

Also not useful for me because one of my housemates doesn’t have Monzo. A real shame. Even if I could add another ‘person’ and mark it as paid when she pays that would be much better


You could split the bill with any people who have Monzo and include her share with yours, then send her a link after as a temporary measure until this is released.

(Thomas Erlandsen) #209

Seems good so far! Although it’s a shame you can’t split direct debits (or bank transfers). I pay the bills for my shared flat, so I’d really like to be able to just split a direct debit when it comes out with my flatmates (who are all on Monzo)

(Sean) #210

I know some of this has already been raised but just wanted to dump my thoughts down:

Platform: Android
App Version: 2.16.0

Spending Summary

The outgoing value of a transaction that has bill payments isn't reduced by the value payed by other people so the summary shows your outgoings as higher than they actually are

Outbound Transactions

Can't amend split value after it's been requested even if payment hasn't been made or the payment has been rejected
If a splitee declines in error there is no way to re-request the money (understand that this is probably to stop people getting spammed for something that they don't want to pay so maybe there should be another button for the splitee to "reject forever")
Bill-splitting always rounds in the splitees favour, which seems unfair (would be good if it could even out across splits starting with the splitees favour)


Outbound Transactions

  • Would be good to be able to split with joint account (if you paid with the wrong card for example)
  • Would be good to be able to send a reminder (since the split request doesn’t persist at the top of the feed) after a period of time or if the feed item had been cleared by the other user

Inbound Transactions

  • Would be good if inbound payments not initiated from bill split had a section to link a transaction e.g. someone pays you by cheque or FPS

:thinking: When bill splitting repayments occur in a different summary period to the outgoing transaction in current bill splitting then the new summary period is artificially deflated if you select the same category as the linked transaction (Source: Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝)

:soon: Linked payment on the inbound bill split payment doesn’t have enough information might be good if clicking on it opened the actual transaction (Source: Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝)
:soon: Would be good to have somewhere that all pending splits were visible (Source: Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝)
:soon: Would be good to be able to split all outgoing transactions such as DDs (Source: Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝)
:soon: Would be good if you could add a non-monzo person to a bill-split (Source: Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝)
:soon: Payments > Request could have another section where you can request money using the same mechanism as bill splitting instead of so you can track requests and it’s a much smoother process (Source: Labs: Bill Splitting)

:white_check_mark: Can’t split for £0.00
:white_check_mark: Can’t split “Active card check”
:white_check_mark: Declined requests disappear from feed

edit: moved suggestions to soon or thinking (:thinking:) if they’ve been mentioned, split feedback and enhancements and added new items after playing with the functionality for a while


Looks like this is now available on Android :smiley:

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #212

Yes it is: Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog

(Alex) #213

To follow up on some earlier points. Just another example of something going wrong

I have in fact spent about half of this figure as have split every single transaction while away. I did this all through Monzo splitting the bill and this is reflected in the holiday category, and yet the system isn’t intelligent enough to use this updated figure for this notification?

This seems similar to the inability to update the ‘spent today’ figure to take into account any repayments. Hoping there’s a fix for this on the way? Obviously no idea on complexity but seems a basic figure to be getting so wrong.

(Matt C) #214

Spent the day spending money and then had to go through about 10 transactions, go into them and split them each. Would be much more efficient to be able to select multiple transactions at once and be able to split them (especially if they are all just with my partner)

(Robin Bilgil) #215

Hi all, would like to update you on the Android side of things :robot:

We’re rolling out the bill splitting flow on Android as we speak, so a percentage of you should start seeing an update (2.16) showing the “Bill Splitting” toggle in Labs today :tada:! The full roll-out for 2.16 will be complete on Monday.

Splitting on Android with Monzo contacts works largely the same as what’s on iOS. Nearby friends is still being worked on and should hopefully arrive within the next few releases. Non-monzo contact splitting outlined in previous designs is also in the pipeline for both platforms. Hopefully, it will all feel worth the wait!

Meanwhile, keep the feedback coming. The ideas shared so far really broaden the scope of what we could do with bill splitting in the coming months! And of course highlight the bugs we still need to fix :wink:


Not sure if it is mentioned already, but if I would like the category of the original transaction and the repayments to be synchronised so that if I recategorise the original transaction the repayments are updated too, saves manually having to align them…

I realise that amending the category before splitting is best, but in situations where you haven’t done that it seems logical that the category of all transactions in the split would remain aligned.


When can we expect bill splitting to work for direct debits?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #218

Do you mean you’d like to be able to manually request a split of a DD? Wouldn’t that get really boring after the first time if it repeats monthly?

Surely better for the other party to set up a SO into your account for their share every month and just adjust that whenever you need to?

(Jonathon) #219

Except with bill splitting you can see the amount has been received. I don’t need to split a DD but it’s as much a shared bill as anything else would be.

(Tim) #220

To add to @robinb’s update:

This feature will return soon :slight_smile:

We’re looking at ways to make this even easier in future (e.g. Monzo-to-Monzo standing orders, or automatically splitting the bill when your Direct Debit goes out or is about to go out)

I think this, too, is coming in a version in the near future!

A section on the Payments or Request tab to show everything you’re owed / you owe is definitely something we’re thinking about. That would come after Bill Splitting makes it to Labs, though.

While we don’t change the amount shown on the transaction in your feed (we think this would be quite confusing), payment request credits do count toward the total Spending for the same category as the original transaction :+1:

That’s really interesting, perhaps we can add payment request credits into the trip report, to affect the total figure.


The reason I don’t do this is because standing orders with ammended categorisation don’t reflect in Summary.

So to keep my Summary correct, I split direct debits for bills via Monzo Me.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #222

Gotcha. Still have trouble getting my head round how much scope for disruption there actually is!

(Alex) #223

Yeah, I mean, I don’t know why you wouldn’t? I definitely haven’t spent X if half of it has been credited back to me.

On that note, is it on the roadmap to sort this out for the ‘spent today’ figure as well? As again, seems weird you can do this easily for categories but then still tell me if I’ve spent X, rather than X-Y, at the end of the day.

(Andy Little) #224

The way it handles changing the amount for each person seems a bit odd to me. If I adjust the figure for anyone else it only has an effect on mine. I’d expect changing one figure to keep it even for everyone else.

In two of these images I have adjusted the share for one person, leaving me paying almost nothing. The third is the original split.

Perhaps an edit checkbox could be added next to each name, selecting that would unlock the field to edit the amount. The remaining cost would then be shared equally between everyone else. If it can’t be split evenly, I’d probably leave the extra pennies against myself.