Labs Feedback: Bill Splitting 📝

(Tim) #205

Yeah, I totally get what you’re coming from! I was just answering your original question about whether this was possible right now :blush:

It’s certainly an interesting suggestion…

(Dan) #206

This all looks great😀
How about being able to split a future bill or fund, like if you splitting the cost of a holiday or something in the future, even better the money once paid by friends could go direct to a pot for that purchase! That would be awesome as we all don’t have the money available to pay first then collect the cash

(Jaya Simpson) #207

Also not useful for me because one of my housemates doesn’t have Monzo. A real shame. Even if I could add another ‘person’ and mark it as paid when she pays that would be much better


You could split the bill with any people who have Monzo and include her share with yours, then send her a link after as a temporary measure until this is released.