Kroo Bank chat

They closed {{first_name}}‘s account in Janurary last year for me too

I wonder if someone is a mad man and will try to sign up as SQL INJECTION, i’d love to see that

Or Bobby Tables…

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Another wee Kroo issue!
I have a small amount in there to benefit from the interest.

Ive had a subscription from Uber come out (which i cant remember signing up for) but its came out my old card that was registered as lost months ago!

No idea how that is even able to happen!!

Mastercard updater service can automatically forward subscription style payments to a new card if the old card isn’t cancelled correctly.

Even purchases on such sites can still at times look like subscription services from the same merchant if they do offer those.


Is -5 an option

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In Kroos case it’s VISA innit.
Send them a message they need to go on VSPS and do a CPA block. Takes all of 2 minutes.

That’s Visa Stop Payment Service and it’s a function within Visa Online which is an internal portal for card issuers and their contact centre staff.

You paste the PAN / card number in, tick the box for the correct one, read the script to the customer and then it’s blocked.

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A what?

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I thought you did banking telephony too?

CPA = continuous payment authority aka subscription block

Didn’t deal with this stuff, but yeah Mastercard and visa have the same stuff, and can either prevent all card authorities going over to the new, or carry them over.

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That’s why it really bugs me when Monzo act like I’m speaking Spanish, on my father’s behalf to block subscriptions. Complaints got it blocked.

Are you using plain English though?

“Can you please block x merchant from taking further payments via continuous payment authority?”

Instead of “use MCOL to stop CPA on x merchant”



NanoOp is stuck in banking mode in every comment he makes, it’s been ongoing for a while. I’m not sure how wise it is from a “retain gainful employment” perspective, even if one talks a lot about the ins and outs of a highly regulated industry.


But NanoOp has never mentioned anything that isn’t publicly available. Anything I have ever said is a Google away. CPA bits and outsourcing is all public.

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Yes, we are. In the end it was quoting PSD2 that got them to sort it (again, publicly available)

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In fairness, sometimes, if you know the industry lingo, it does yield better results from customer support.


It depends who you’re speaking to though, and frontline staff at monzo aren’t going to be down the lingo.

Nano clearly puts a lot of focus into revising and paying attention which isn’t a bad thing, but needs to translate that to a language for all, or a majority, of the audience, otherwise it just leaves confusion and things likely not being understood and complaints needing to be raised to resolve it, as likely shown above.

I’ve a few years in banking but even I don’t get some of the stuff mentioned here time to time, I’d much prefer a simplified version, or clear cut approach.

Edit: CPA is fine :joy:


To be fair even I knew what a CPA was, it’s not the most niche of terms.


I don’t talk to Monzo Support. That was a singular occurrence. To be fair, I only ever have to talk to customer service as a customer when I get a text fraud block (resisting the urge to say Adeptra)