Joint and Sole cards could be more easily identifiable.

Having almost identical Sole and joint cards can be a little annoying. Since receiving my new card I have accidentally made purchases with the joint account on numerous occasions, instantly notification my partner to my purchase.
The previous design was much better.


Does it not now display the “Joint” under the Monzo logo rather than in the left corner?

Yea, but you can’t exactly see it at all when the cards are in a wallet as per the OP’s 2nd image?


I’m not a joint account holder so wouldn’t know, hence the question.


guess it depends on what type / orientation of the wallet you have.

For my wallet, the new way is better (don’t have a joint account)

If you don’t have a joint card then it’s moot.

but others could have a joint account and have a portrait style wallet :man_shrugging:

swings and roundabouts


I get around this by using a wallet with both vertical and horizontal slots to hold my Personal & Joint account cards. Admittedly, it’s now falling apart and needs replacing, so I’m on the lookout for another neat card-carrier.

Get a sharpie and write JOINT across the front on your joint card.

I always end up suggesting these guys to customise your cards to exactly how you want them:

Never used them, but there’s a lot of cool looking designs on there. You can even upload your own design which has been another request on the community.

Another option would be to ditch the wallet and use Google/Apple Pay :upside_down_face: