Joining Monzo as a Data Scientist πŸ”¬ πŸ“Š

New blog day! :tada:

This is the latest one from @izaknel about his experience at Monzo since joining in February.

He gives an overview of his journey to Monzo and why the data discipline, our culture, and our data stack have all contributed to how much he’s enjoying it so far. Check it out here :point_down:

Through the hard work of @jenwilkinson and @suhailpatel we’re gonna have even more blogs to come from the talented people across Monzo - so watch this space :eyes:

Izak has specifically joined the Community today to answer any questions that you might have on his journey as a data scientist :pray:


Are there any β€˜fun’ queries you ran at monzo that you can share, some kind of interesting statistic about people?

What’s the difference between data science and data analysis?

What pathways can one follow to get into roles in these fields?

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