"January charges so far" Banner - Financial Control 2019

It’s going to be strange to finally see the overdraft banner dissapear (hopefully within the next two months if I continue to follow my plan) - I cant thank monzo enough for making it easier to get on top of my finances.

Has anyone got any tips, tricks or ideas to reduce debt, increase income, money management (those sort of things) they’ve learnt/do and would be willing to share?

Thanks in advance :blush:


Well done! It’s a nice feeling to be out of the overdraft.

Not sure if you’re a Reddit user or not but the Subreddit UKPersonalFinance has a great flowchart on savings, what to do next and general advice and tips, check out: https://marcusmichaels.github.io/personal-finance-flowchart/


Congrats on getting your finances under control

  • couple of threads with these sort of tips I found using the search function - top right and typing “finance tips”



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