Izettle, SumUp, PayPal Here & Square. What do you prefer?

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Interested in getting one of the above to help a family friend take card payments at their 2 room Bed & Breakfast. Has anyone had any experience with them and has a preference?
Welcome to other options not mentioned :slight_smile:


Never had any on the merchant side, but as a customer I’ve always preferred iZettle.

I find PayPal has a lot more friction when you’re the one paying, than simply using what effectively is a card reader

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I see “sum up” in lots of places, but might be worth seeing if any can be done without need for hardware purchasing, if it’s b and b they’re likely to be able predict amount of times they would need to use it a day. Might be ways to do it without need for initial costs or monthly fees!

There’s too many options these days, ha.

Even an internal “online shop”, and let the customer check out via a page and a PayPal card payment screen ?

They are not talking about PayPal but PayPal Here. It is a card reader just like iZettle etc.

As a general rule I would avoid anything related to PayPal due to their past behaviour.

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In my small town a couple of small retailers have iZettle and they are constantly having to reconnect their card reader to their iPad. I have PayPal Here and an Android tablet and don’t seem to get that problem. Not sure if that is down to better card readers or a different tablet?

PayPal had a good deal on Here a couple of years back, and my band used it on tour to sell merch with no problems. No experience with the others, but it was reliable.


Odd one to know I know two people who use square and I settle. Depends I guess on what good rates you can get.

I’d recommend iZettle - their card reader is fast and works well.

The app has built in POS so you can have ‘items’ to select with built in descriptors and pricing when putting orders through as well as just the standard input an amount to charge page. Also supports refunds without the customer being present and it can just be sent back to their card.

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I have used izettle Paypal here and square.

Having used all of them this is the feedback I can give

Izettle has the best app and most customisable. They even have a seperate paid for app for the hospitality industry. Paypal is the best if you want you money quick. With izettle it takes 3 days to reach your bank account. (Not working days) Paypal hits your Paypal account instantly and can be transferred to your account straight away. Square has the worst card reader no chip and pin facility on the reader you have to enter your card on the reader and then use your phone as the pin pad which is just awkward when you iPad is bolted to the counter. For random transactions Paypal I think is the best. For hospitality izettle wins hands down but you have to pay for the app.


I think PayPal has just acquired / is in the process of acquiring iZettle…

My usual cafe had an iZettle chip and pin reader which worked fine.

They’ve upgraded to a contactless one, and it’s very slow and unreliable. Chip and PIN was quicker.

Also they tend to charge about 1.75% and we just got a deal with worldpay who only charge 0.45%.

There is a monthly fee but it’s cheaper pretty quickly

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The difference is with worldpay don’t you need a merchant bank account. Which if you are smaller sole trader isn’t worth the fees as the 1.75% works out cheaper than paying the bank fees and the others you can just use a regular bank account

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0.45 for debit and credit??? What about amex?

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I believe it’s 0.65 for credit, not a hundred % sure on Amex but it isn’t much more. There is a monthly fee but it’s not very much and it pays into a normal business bank account. Obviously it depends on how much business you do but it doesn’t take a lot for it to be cheaper

I managed to get a PayPal Here attached to a PayPal personal account which means I can accept card payments whenever I’m owed money (minus the fee). Never had issues with PayPal.

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I’d be interested to know cuz we pay .8 for credit cards. And 1.5 or something for amex, so if you’d confirm I’d appreciate it.

Thanks for the posts everyone, all very helpful :grin::raised_hands:

I’ve thought about this the only downside is the processing costs tend to be higher, especially on PayPal or Stripe.
They would probably only run max two or three transactions through it a week. The business is a side hobby for some extra cash

I’m surprised at how many people have said this, they all say the customer support is below standard.

Good to know it’s reliable. Annoyingly it costs the most to put transactions through for the volume we’d be looking for. I think it starts off at 2.75%

This is what I love about iZettle. The app is fantastic and baked with features. For the standard rates used at the B&B, I’m not sure it would all be needed but who knows if the app has the potential it may very well be used.

I was originally favouring SumUp as the fees seem the lowest for the amount of transactions / value that would be put through it and although the app is simple it will only be taking room fee payments.
PayPal was more expensive, how it ties into the same system the deposits are taken through could be a +.
IZettle was in between cost wise.

I guess it comes down to the following:
lowest fees + simple use = SumUp
Integration with PayPal = PayPal
Potential for future options and use = iZettle
Low fees and good app = Square

I’m surprised at how many people have said this, they all say the customer support is below standard.

It is absolutely awful. Calling their support “monkeys” would be an insult to actual monkeys. Then there’s the other thing with closing accounts and keeping funds not just because of KYC but on various breaches of terms and conditions, like having opened your account when you were under 18 even though you are now older than that. Or the fact that they share your data with over 100 companies for marketingstalking purposes.

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