Izettle, SumUp, PayPal Here & Square. What do you prefer?


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As a customer I think the iZettle’s are the ones I’ve seen the most, and while I like how they look and work in terms of speed and card acceptance, the one thing I absolutely hate is that all transitions are “IZ” branded - sorry but that is just useless information in my feed, I’d rather have those 4 symbols to the merchant…

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Square has the nicest software.

iZettle has the nicest hardware.

I have no experience with SumUp.

PayPal should be avoided for everything with a ten foot pole…

Personally, I’d go Square.

And now, seeing the crooks known as PayPal have bought iZettle; Square is a no-brainer… go Square any day!


Why should PayPal be avoided? Just curious as I’ve never had issues with PayPal at all or from the PayPal Here reader?

I’ve actually heard more scare stories about Square, random account closures, holding money for months on end etc. I have a Square reader, but have never used it because of those stories. PayPal Here has been very reliable although it has the highest fees.


I’m referring more to PayPal in general… Really nasty DCC, awful customer service, etc

One thing that puts me off square is the key pad isn’t built in. You have to hand over the phone or tablet for entry.

It seems great otherwise, it’s definitely one to consider.

Square in its home market doesn’t support PIN at all, so the reader was designed without PIN entry in mind.

I do agree that is a huge downside. And the chip slot on the back, Japanese-style. It was clearly meant for the US market where few cards have PIN priority and where people struggle to insert their own cards.

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That’s interesting and makes sense as to why they made that decision, hopefully they will update the reader one day though.

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Out of curiosity (don’t know if anyone knows), with all these options do you get choose yourself if you accept contactless over £30, or would that be up to the provider?

I can’t think of any reason you’d want to disable this, and it will be mandatory soon anyway.


I can’t think of any reason you’d want to disable this

If you wanna be an idiot like Tesco’s or Asda and push your own awful payment app called PreePayment* instead.

*if you know you know :joy: