It's time to move Credit Tracker to the Trends tab

Long time readers will know that I’m not a fan of the Plus and Premium tab. It’s a place for features to die and is inconsistent in function and approach.

Which is why credit scores need to move out!

We now have a dedicated tab - called Trends - that shows us our financial status over time.

Why not add the credit figure to each month so we can track it over time?

Either bung it in as a separate account in the drop down so we can select to see that figure or not, or create a separate sub tab in Trends for it.

I’m thinking the former.

What say you all?

(Warning, might mock later. Currently 50:50)

Edit, reader, I did mock later…


Good idea Peter.


This is a really good idea. I also reckon the Plus/Premium Tab could do with a bit of a revamp


That whole tab needs a huge overhaul.

I want to do a whole mock up of it but I’ve never got to it.


I was just looking back through my Google Photos and found this. The Monzo App has come along quite well over time.


I dunno. That tab is full of things you don’t need to look at regularly. Seems fine to me

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That’s a brilliant idea. It’s absolutely the natural place for it.


Here are some mocks!

This feels nice to me in Trends. There’s space to add other credit reference agencies if we need to, and you could also tap into the Transunion line the same as for spending categories and see a graph over time. :muscle:

But then I thought, well, what about the extra data that’s in the Tab of Death at the moment? I thought that perhaps a card on the carousel would also work?

That way, you get the same details that you get at the moment in the Manage tab, the Feed would have the score for each month nicely presented in chronological order and things would be much better organised. And, being a card, you can hide it if you wish. Again, it’s extensible so other agencies can join too, should they want to.

Lest anyone think that I’ve gone soft, I still think that credit reference agencies are a scourge and we should find better ways of doing what needs to be done without them. In the meantime, though, this is a much better way of showing the data in Monzo, methinks.


I’d like to see the Plus tab integrate the features elsewhere and move some of the options into settings. A separate graph/card for credit score looks good.


Could you explain more? Move more features into the Tab of Death Plus tab?

Sorry missed a word out :slightly_smiling_face:. Hope that explains. I would like some features - credit score, linked accounts, interest, offers etc integrated elsewhere appropriately and stuff like new card, auto export, cash limits moved to settings. So basically the same as you :smile:

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In which case I totally agree with your excellent assessment :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Be gone the tab of death :smile:


I’d love this, I also really don’t like the plus tab. Whenever I go to find something that’s there I’m halfway through logically thinking where it would be and then realise oh wait, it’s not placed in its logical place, it’s separate because it’s a plus feature.


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