It's arrived! Using it on Google Play

(Sarah Barker) #1

Woo Hoo! My lovely hot coral card has arrived, and it is gorgeous. Simple, easy to read with the white lettering on the numbers. Got my PIN number and have linked my Mondo card with my Google Play account, no problems doing that. I play a lot of games on my phone and I do occasionally buy apps and power ups. At the moment every time I do this, my Smile account gets a warning put on it as their fraud office flag the small amounts as fraudulent activity. I then have to phone through and get it lifted. Using my Mondo card is going to make transactions so much easier. And indeed, 3 purchases later through Google play all ok, seamless transactions and no problems. Liking this more and more :smiley:

(Andrew Ross) #2

Welcome to :mondo: - any questions just ask and someone will answer for you! :wink: