Is this legal?

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If she’s not got a photo ID then email and the team will very quickly respond with alternative options.


What’s stopping her? If she’s familiar with complex smartphone apps, then she should be fine. If not, that’s not discrimination - it’s just targeted marketing.

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I don’t know where you’ve got this list from, but a cursory check has show me it’s inaccurate.

You include “Birth certificate” on the list.

I picked a high street bank - Natwest, in this case - and checked their terms. They say:

Accepted for infants and minors only,

Must be supported by additional documentation, namely:

A letter from the parent or guardian addressed to the Bank
confirming their status (i.e. I am the parent / guardian of [name of
minor]), date of birth and the residential address of the minor.

Given your list is incorrect on this one, I cannot trust that the rest of it is error-free.

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If you cannot provide the documents the bank requires, you can ask if it will consider other documents in certain situations

A bank does not have to accept these alternative forms of ID…


In individual circumstances, but a bank cannot use this as a way to generally discriminate against the elderly, the transgender community, etc.


Can I suggest that we:


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There is no discrimination against getting a passport, except financial - which is not illegal.


Well, that escalated quickly. :roll_eyes:


The list you refer to provided by the UK Government and included on the .Gov.UK website at says “This list covers forms of identfication accepted by the Bona Vacantia division when dealing with dissolved companies.” it is nothing to do with bank account applicant’s identification.


.gov? So it’s not even British?


Nice. Try. #Fail

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I’ll let somebody else on the team take the question on our accepted forms of ID and the work we’re doing to accept more forms of ID through the app as it’s not my area but I personally want to make absolutely clear that we do not discriminate against those who are transgender.

Our systems have a concept of legal and preferred names. While we are unfortunately required to send what we hold as a legal name in bank transfers, we make full use of preferred names across Monzo itself.

You can set your preferred name at signup or by having a quick chat with support. Legal names can also be changed on submission of a deed poll through support.

The name on your card can be either your legal, preferred, or by special request, none. Monzome URLs can be changed to be a reasonable form of your legal or preferred name. :slightly_smiling_face:

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.gov are official uk gov accounts



I thought they were American?

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My bad, are uk


It is a website, so yes it is British



Thank you for stepping in and making it clear that Monzo will not discriminate against those who cannot produce photo ID, and that Monzo will not discriminate against the elderly, the transgender community, those who may not be able to finance photo id, etc. etc.

As I have stated, it is my belief that neither the BoE nor the FOS will allow you to discriminate against whole segments of society by demanding photo ID, and if Monzo continues to demand this as a prerequisite of opening or maintaining an account, then a challenge against your provisional banking licence will undoubtedly be necessary.

I look forward to Monzo publicising alternative options to photo ID in the very near future.



From previously before now.

They don’t.

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