Is there anywhere in the world you can't use Monzo?

Hmm… not sure I can see how the chip is any different (I know some friends use the Hyundai Card)


Yeah the chip isn’t physically different. I’m 99.99% sure of that. The networks are though.

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I’ve used it in Costa Rica with no probs :+1:

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Thanks Sarah!! :blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:

Mastercard is actually accepted in most Pyongyang hotels


I struggled to use Monzo in the Netherlands as shops there tend to only accept local debit cards. I had to use ATMs to take cash out.

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Hi guys , I’m planning to go to Saudi Arabia, I want to know if I can use my Monzo account there ? Like for transactions and taking cash out from cash point ? I’m guessing Monzo dont charge for this service ?
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Hi @Nauman & welcome :wave:

The Monzo webpage has the info needed;

Have a good trip! :airplane:

you might like to have a look here - I found it by searching Monzo in Saudi Arabia in the frying pan , top right

Do you often guess what something may cost?

Si la puedes usar en Venezuela , perfectamente en los puntos de venta que digan master card ( no te confundas con el logo de “Maestro” son parecidos pero no son iguales )

Cash only when i visited North Korea

Beginning of one hilarious joke…? :smirk:

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I remember a while back there was a thread with people saying you couldn’t use Monzo in Bulgaria, I only found out as I travelled to Bulgaria back in September and was considering using my Monzo card out there, but I ended up using my main bank card (Metro bank) whilst I was there. :slight_smile: