Is there a downside to having too many bank accounts

I currently have 7 account which I’ve had for years, If I included cash plus that makes it 8
I’m thinking of trying out First direct for the card and I heard good things about them and Metro because there is one across my street they have a. beautiful and modern building also would like to collect the card, But is having all this accounts up to 10 likely to have a negative impact on anything…?

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Depends tbh.

If you have applied for them over a period of time and kept them in good order, no.

If, like me, you ram 6 applications in in a six week period, to take advantage of incentives, then it may have an affect on how you appear to credit lenders (and your fictional score will nose-dive).

I have no need for credit, so it has never bothered me tbf.

I currently have 14 open current accounts. Each was opened for a specific purpose, however, not all are in use now regularly.

I did have a Metro one in 2019, as I needed it for access to a then top rate 1.80% one-year fixed term saver, but now have just an empty easy access savings account with them. The app is meh imo too.

First Direct is open because it is one of my oldest accounts, however, it is no longer used as the RS rate is p poor.

So, in your case, seven opened for a number of years, as long as maintained in good order, opening a couple more will have minimal effect imo.


Great points, I’ve taken a similar approach to my financial management. I have my own wee financial plan within which I am clearing and closing accounts I no longer need/use (typically higher interest bearing accounts) As part of this process I’ve took on more products such as flex, and a few reward credit cards: my score will take a short term hit, but over the long term, my hope is that I have a much healthier and smaller number of accounts.


Depends how spread out over time they are

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Nothing wrong with having multiple accounts its how you manage them that can affect your credit score/history etc.

If you apply for a bunch of current accounts within a short space of time thatll damage your score, also having an account for a short amount of time can be seen as well (e.g. You have had x account for x amount of years) so try keeping one legacy and others to try out.

Metro is good for EU transactions (no bank fees) with their current account other than that you’re just getting the best High Street bank customer service (as per CMA results and my history), they are slowly increasing their fixed terms savings back to their usual rate but that’ll be slow.


Biggest issue for me would be keeping track of net worth. However, for my four accounts [all in use for different reasons] I use Nova, Waiting for Chase to integrate though. R-


I have no legacy banks anymore, just Monzo, Starling, Chase and Revolut (if it counts).


Thank You Paul and everyone for the Analysis and Explanation. I really appreciate it


Would be nice if you did at least one guess you know what best for you, I tried joining starling 20/21 as part of application I was being asked to provide visa which is odd as I don’t have that neither do I need it, haven’t bothered with them since then


You either selected something wrong during your application or that’s a very inaccurate assumption of your nationality :hushed:


So you never bothered to contact them or try the application again? I agree with @Carlo1460 you must have selected the wrong option during the application process.


Make sense would look into sorting it soon