Is Monzo your only account

Also taken from the Nationwide website:

We’ve recently made changes to our charges. From 3 June 2020 we will increase our Non Sterling Transaction Fee from 2.75% to 2.99% for FlexAccount, FlexDirect and FlexBasic debit card purchases and cash withdrawals in a foreign currency.

So unfortunately, only the FlexPlus paid account is fee free.

Back on track though, credit to Monzo for removing their fees :grin:


I’ve just updated the order, and had to check out again. I mistakenly selected my Monzo card to check out (on a computer this time - last time it was on an iPad) and exactly the same thing happened.

I’ve decided to move all my daily spending (such as it is, these days) back to my credit card where I get a tiny bit of cash back, and reserve Monzo for cash withdrawals and foreign spending and withdrawals. I doubt I’ll miss the instant notifications too much as I usually use Apple Pay.

I still feel quite sad about it, though.

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Did you use sms or approve in app for 3ds?

I always use text code on ASDA as approve in app didn’t work when it was first introduced

In app. It seems to work OK until goes back to the merchant’s site (Sainsbury), but it just hangs. It has worked previously.

With Visa and Nationwide it works every time.

I don’t know off hand. It’s a card which isn’t available any more. It’s more than Monzo, though!

That sucks :cry: Whoever is to blame it must be pretty frustrating so I can understand your reason. That and cashback! :money_mouth_face:

It obviously doesn’t really matter if you’ve moved now but did you fire a message to Monzo for them to investigate? I personally don’t like unknowns so I would want to know what happened so I could get some closure :sweat_smile:

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Monzo used to be really good at explaining what went wrong by way of push notification before the payment processor or terminal presented an error. They don’t seem to do that with 3DS for some reason.

Support are clueless when I query it and just join in on the passing the blame game with the other parties involved in the transaction. And you may be right that Monzo isn’t at fault, and it probably lies elsewhere in the chain, it doesn’t change the fact that it never happens with my other cards and that it creates a negative experience with Monzo, which is entirely down to them to fix and improve, regardless of who is at fault. Starling used to have just as many instances of this issue in the early days, but they’ve mostly ironed out the kinks now.


I didn’t. But I will now. :+1:


No. It appears to me, Monzo close accounts frequently, sometimes putting people, especially at this time, in a seriously difficult situation.

I think it’s a good idea to have more than one account for reasons previously stated.

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Monzo [Personal Account]
Monzo [Joint Account]
Monzo [Business Account]
AmEx [Credit Card]

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think I’ve found another reason to not use my Monzo account.

I went to the help tab and tried to find a way of contacting Monzo by searching for failed transactions. No luck with that, unfortunately. I then remembered a way to get to chat was to search for coronavirus, which brings you to a help article with a ‘get in touch’ link. It’s not exactly intuitive, but it works.

I then stated that I was unable to make an online transaction for the reasons in my previous posts here.

First response from the COp was to ask if it was contactless or Chip and PIN :man_shrugging:

It was escalated to a payments specialist who jumped to the wrong conclusion, perhaps because he wasn’t in possession of the full facts.

I explained the full facts and said I wouldn’t bother using Monzo online any more, and the next guy wished me a good ‘rest of my day.’

I’ve been with Monzo since the prepaid days, and have had reason to contact them more than I have with any other bank I’ve been with, and I can’t remember ever being terribly satisfied with the responses I’ve received, and this latest interaction wasn’t great, either.

Anyway, I’ll stick around on the forum, because It’s by far the best thing about Monzo, it’s just a shame it leaves so much to be desired as a bank.


This community is amazing. Characters, fun, help, advice, dodgy accounts & bollox with telling-off’s… It’s a one-off.

And then back to everything else you’ve posted, which I cannot disagree with; with what seems to be an accelerated fundamental failing of the core customer relationship.


It’s a shame. Most things which they need to fix are easy in the grand scheme of things (although not now with staff being furloughed). It begs the question of have they worked on ANYTHING apart from Plus in the last few months. They can not be as agile and as fast moving as they used to be, we get that, but I have to say Starling and Revolut are really kicking their ass at the moment. Did they let a load of devs go over the last six months?! I feel I am using Monzo as my main account (which I have since beta days) out of habit more than anything.



This thread, along with Monzo Decision Making has really surprised me.
I never thought I would read so many comments from Monzo fans who have become disillusioned with them.
Although I have been guilty of critising Monzo (rightly or wrongly) in the past, I still don’t want them to lose their faithful customer base through bad decisions.
As I have said before, I am a big fan of all things FinTech, and wish to see as many of them as possible succeed.
Hopefully, some of the comments posted will get back to the powers that be and Monzo will get back on track.


Hasn’t Monzo already said that this place doesn’t really matter to them and no longer has any bearing on the decisions they make?


Well… I don’t think anyone can say anything to justify that response - that is terrible :grimacing:

Translates to: Ok bye, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Personally, yes, it’s my only banking account.
We use a different bank for our joint account, only because we haven’t got around to switching to Monzo.

I’ve used Monzo for everything for about six months and had no major issues at all. I have had to contact support a couple of times and I was extremely satisfied with each interaction/resolution. For the type of person I am Monzo is by far the best bank I’ve ever used.

That said, I worked in customer service long enough to know that one size never fits all and one persons ‘excellent’ is another’s ‘unacceptable’.

I have kept my old Current Account open with a small balance but this is only because I have a VISA card with that one. I can vaguely remember one occasion when all the MasterCard/VISA (I can’t remember which one it was now) transactions were failing in London for a few hours in the morning and it would just be super annoying if this happened again.

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I did go only Monzo but needed to bank a largish cheque so reopened a personal Nationwide FlexAccount so I could bank it in my local branch.

Then when I got fed up of the 24 hour delay in accessing savings and lack of a joint account overdraft we reopened a joint Nationwide FlexAccount with a joint linked instant access saver…

We also have Nationwide credit cards too.

Apart from that all our pensions and most expenditures come into our joint and personal Monzo accounts.

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