Is Monzo still UK only?

I was in Japan last week, a friend of mine who now lives there was able to download the app from the Japanese Google Play Store. I suspect that she might have problems when it comes to entering an address, but as the app seems accessible elsewhere I was wondering if some global roll out had gone on behind the scenes without much publicity.

As a side question, if I direct her to my link I assume that the transaction would take place in GBP and the currency conversion would be done at her end (assuming she is transferring from a local Japanese bank)?

The app can be downloaded from outside the UK but users should see a message explaining that it’s UK only at the moment (or if they don’t it’s on the way).

Yes, that’s correct.

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Are the Channel Islands part of the UK as far as Monzo is concerned? i.e. Could someone in Jersey currently open a Monzo account?

The Channel Isle and Isle of Mann and other Crown Dependancies are outside both the United Kingdom and the EU. However Monzo does plan to expand outside the UK in future (American and some European countries have been mentioned) but no timetable for overseas expansion has yet been anounced

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Yep, if you live on Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man you can open a Monzo account :+1:


So it is not just UK then. Can people in Alderney, Sark, Gibraltar, Falklands etc sign up?

More specifically, we can post to any of the Crown Dependencies


Good news, thanks Naji!
Worth adding to your FAQ?

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