Is Monzo on Linkedin?

Good Morning Folks!

Just a weird one- I’m quite the ambassador for Monzo & it’s services. However, when it comes to taking a ‘deeper dive’- my community at work (mostly knowledge workers) tend to follow the company in their Linkedin network. As it provides a platform for posting ideas, expert columns (advice & the like). A Monzo thinktank for the masses if you like. I appreciate the forum here is second to none- but people who don’t know anything about the service model (& who are not keen to visit the website); I think Linkedin would be a great platform to post some wonderful topics- that’s exactly how you’ve revolutionized (no pun) the Digital Banking sector :slight_smile:

So yes- Please create a profile on Linkedin & let’s share some awesome ideas with people who are on the ‘outer realms’ of joining this new way of banking.

Thoughts? …
(& Dates for go live :stuck_out_tongue:)

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Boy… How did I miss that? Perhaps it was the logo! Apologies - Forum moderators, close this thread please :slight_smile: