Is Monzo going to launch premium account?

Now that the crowdfunding round is complete, the next steps for Monzo are to focus on user growth and revenues. As an investor I don’t understand why there is still no ‘premium’ account? Surely, Monzo being almost a fremium business has to have a premium or a selection of premium accounts like most other banks. There is a new trend of having new transparent/metal/vertical cards designs and some people are obsessed with these (with other benefits too, like unlimited foreign withdrawals, etc). Surely this is too obvious of a way to increase revenue and give users an option to get some premium features? If so, why is it not in the works or at least I haven’t yet seen this announced yet? Its seems like an easy way to 5-10x the revenue without compromising customer support and without inventing a wheel. Any ideas if this is in the works?

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