Is it possible to Use Monzo Webhooks with Azure Logic Apps

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I’m a brand-new customer of Monzo’s banking service and I’m a big fan of the fact that they’ve published an API for their services. Whilst the API isn’t really their focus right now as they roll out to more customers, it’s still a great direction and is useful-enough as is to do some interesting things.

my question is: is it possible to use Monoz with Azure can you say some word’s about that!


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A far as Azure goes, as long as your web app can parse JSON, this shouldn’t be a problem, but I’m not familiar with Azure Logic so I might be wrong.

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How does an Azure logic app differ to another platform? Is the code purely azure specific?

I haven’t tried any of the Azure offerings for at least 3 years so I’m not sure where they are up to now. Webhooks are fine with Heroku for python, ruby, node (haven’t tried anything else), AWS works fine too, you could probably manage fine with AWS Lambda rather than paying for a permanent EC2 instance. From my previous Azure experience I can’t see why you should have any issues though.

Generally though I just use the free dynos from Heroku.

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Watch out as the free Heroku dynos don’t support HTTPS. :sob::sob:

Is that just an invalid certificate? The 3 I have at the moment are all using HTTPS URLs for webhooks and are working

I think they do with URLs, perhaps not with custom domains. You could mitigate this by putting your app behind a reverse proxy/CDN (e.g. Cloudflare HTTPS everywhere).


You may well need for Azure Logic Apps since I doubt there’ll be a pre-built connector.