iPhone users - yay or nay on 3D touch?

Do you use 3D Touch regularly?

  • Yay
  • Nay

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Latest reports are indicating that Apple may not continue to utilise 3D Touch after this year. I have to say I’ve never used it much personally, although I do like using it to drag the cursor on text input.

Install gboard and you can move the cursor by dragging on the space bar

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Epic win.

I already use Gboard on my Pixel 2 XL so I’ll do that!

I can’t go back to an ordinary keyboard now, I try to glide to make the words and I just end up with the last letter I touch!

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I use it for most of my apps. Evernote I can start a new note, Outlook I can open a new email, iMessage I can start a new message to my most regularly messaged contacts, Overcast I can jump to the latest podcast episodes, Facebook I can upload images or videos. I think the one app I use regularly that doesn’t have any 3D Touch functionality is Monzo :wink:

The rumours it would be replaced don’t seem very well founded, the only reason that would make sense is if they are going to embed a camera or finger print scanner actually in the screen but :man_shrugging:


But you could do all that with a long press

My phone’s too old :smile:

I don’t use it much… but then I’m awkward and wouldn’t want to lose it either! :joy::+1:

I try - but some banks don’t support 3D Touch on the 3D secure notifications. Oh the irony!

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I used to end up with my icons jiggling most of the time doing long presses. Deep presses feel good. And popping open email threads or web links or chat threads to see what’s in. It’s a great way to see what’s in a WhatsApp group without it marking it as read properly (even if you set your WhatsApp privacy settings to not share your read status, it remains on for groups). Its’ just a handy feature that I appreciate!

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When I was on my iPhone, I used it regularly for app shortcuts and certain in-app shortcuts (such as Monzo’s peek system).

Plus, I just found it fun to play with on the home screen when I was bored…

I use it a lot. It’s useful but I’d probably get used to it not being around

I dont think i’ve ever actually used 3D touch. i fell that it’s actually one step more than needed in most cases depending on what app im using.

I’d miss it if it was removed. I find it really useful.


I’d miss it too. I use it daily on the keyboard to move the cursor and I often 3D Touch links to preview/view the memes without opening safari/taking focus away from the app.

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